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Every Company Should Practice What They Preach—We Do!

At MaritzCX we focus on helping organizations understand and improve their customers’ experiences through our sophisticated technology platform and our research expertise. We help our clients learn and understand their customers better so they can take the appropriate actions to improve their experiences—while being able to make better, more-informed business decisions.

MaritzCX believes it is important to “Practice What We Preach,” and one of the ways we do this, is by running our own CX program based on the best practices, products and services we encourage our clients to use. The MaritzCX Voice of the Customer program is known internally as CX2, the MaritzCX CX program.

Refreshing and Evolving Our CX Program: CX2

For years we’ve requested continuous client feedback and used that feedback to make business decisions that add value for our clients. In 2015, after Maritz Research and Allegiance merged to create MaritzCX, we felt it was the perfect time to refresh and take our customer feedback/VoC program further. Just as we advise our clients to do, we thoroughly reviewed and analyzed our clients’ previous feedback, the various legacy surveys, our internal processes, and our closed-loop approach. We leveraged our technology and used our in-house experts to:

  • Conduct journey mapping sessions with our clients to inform us of their current experiences and to identify the key moments of truth.
  • Assess our level of CX maturity using our CXEvolution tool and identify where we were on the CX maturity scale. This allowed us to review our strengths and identify the gaps in our company CX efforts.
  • Update and design an improved set of surveys within the MaritzCX Platform. We used our best practices and findings from our journey mapping exercise to tailor a more meaningful survey for clients at different points of their journey.
  • Leverage our technology’s ability to integrate feedback from our new surveys and our legacy (SFDC) data. With this integration, we are able to glean additional, more-granular insights about our clients.
  • Incorporate our Case Management tool to address client challenges or potential dissatisfaction.
  • Conduct factor analysis on our client feedback for deeper insight into the survey questions and True Driver Analysis to help further inform our CX program and company strategy.

In addition, we connected our own employee feedback (gathered via the platform) with the client feedback to increase understanding of our business processes and how they impact our clients.

Requiring the Best of Surveys

Our CX process advocates touch points with the client after project implementation, periodically during the ongoing relationship, and at any important touchpoint, such as a call to the help desk or interaction around the sales process.

MCX survey process

And, our closed-loop Case Management tool allows our front-line managers to investigate and resolve any client issues from the feedback in an organized manner.

Taking Action on Our CX Program Results

With the MaritzCX Platform dashboards, our global staff have access to our clients’ current satisfaction levels at both individual and aggregated levels.

The technology is extremely helpful, but our research expertise—the use of customer journey mapping and the ability to do True Driver Analysis, for example—gives us added insights that are truly driving better business decisions to benefit our customers. As the only customer experience company with in-house research experts, we know how to derive a more in-depth and insightful understanding of customers.

By leveraging our products and tools as well as our research team’s expertise, we are using the same best practices we advocate to our clients.

We Value Our Feedback from Every Source

MaritzCX does more than just advise clients on how to institute a world-class CX program; we live it ourselves, completing Customer Journey Mapping, CXEvolution Assessment, advanced data analysis and more. We advocate continual reviews and updates to programs, reviews with executive teams, and comparing customer satisfaction results to other metrics like employee satisfaction information to help us drive our business forward.

And the same is true for our clients: we will continue to help them grow, develop and evolve their customer and employee programs with the most robust line of technology and tools, industry leading in-house research expertise and services, and the latest best practices in the industry.

Every Company Should Practice What They Preach!