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Elevating Your CX Program Through Mystery Shopping

Is your brand being properly represented at the front line?

How do you know?

Hear the answers to these questions and more! Join MaritzCX’s mystery shopping experts, Dan Hugge and Doug Smith, in this webinar as they explain how to design and execute a mystery shopping program that drives true value to your organization. They’ll convey best practices that apply across industries and explain how to design and execute a program that meets the needs of your customers and internal stakeholders—and, in turn, helps answer those key business questions critical to your organization’s success.

  • Discover what drives the brand through the lens of your customers and stakeholders
  • Design a mystery shopping program where results consistently align with your goals and objectives
  • Analyze consumer, competitor, and internal feedback to benchmark and provide program ROI
  • Drive desired CX action through a better understanding of what motivates your customers

Every mystery shopping program has its own unique life cycle. Join us and learn how to take your mystery shopping program – at every stage – to the next level.

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