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Drive High-Value Customer Experience Programs

Combine CX Technology and Services that Invest in Four Key Areas

Organizations that run enterprise CX programs have a critical need to drive high value and high return, meaning your CX team must translate every response, dashboard, and case into lifetime value and customer loyalty. Creating CX programs that drive results is accomplished by finding a combination of CX software, research science, and CX program services that ingrain customer experience insight and action into the DNA of your business operation.

Enterprise CX programs are not always simple and straightforward, so use the four CX solution guidelines when seeking to accelerate and amplify your program success with CX technology and services:

  1. Find a CX solution committed to advancing measurable results for your organization.
  2. Use CX tools that better arm your frontline employees for action.
  3. Implement an extensible technology architecture that conquers the complexity of enterprise CX.
  4. Expand beyond traditional data collection channels with digital CX solutions.

Using these four guidelines as you build and plan CX programs will ensure your team avoids common CX traps: no financial business justification, ignoring proven best practices, disengaged employees, inability to scale, and no mechanism for improvement.

Find a CX Solution Committed to Advancing Measurable Results for Your Organization

For continued YoY CX investment from the C-suite, you must create and enable customer experience programs that drive high return and business value, because ROI matters at all levels within the organization. CX programs fall short without proper planning. Companies spend thousands of dollars on CX programs, but rarely use a structured framework that maps out successful CX strategies and best practices that link directly to financial results. Where does your CX program fall in terms of CX success? How does your CX program compare to other programs within your industry? Are you investing your CX dollars in the right places to receive the highest ROI and customer satisfaction? Big business CX programs must ask these questions and give the right answers to leadership for continued buy-in.

Once you’ve identified a CX success framework that ties to financial business results and customer loyalty, build a governance model that will drive continued CX success within your organization. Great customer experience comes from all levels and requires CX champions in every department. Find a world-class CX technology and services firm that will help you govern CX interactions and actions through best practices, processes, and technology.

Use CX Tools that Better Arm Your Frontline Employees for Action

Taking action is a defining trait for successful CX programs that drive high value and high return. Your team must target and continuously improve the actions employees take that impact each customer’s experience with your business. Start by understanding your employees from the onboarding process throughout their experience with your organization. An employee monitoring solution is key to understanding and finding areas where you can adjust processes that will make your employees stronger champions of your company’s offerings, thus making the customer experience exceptional at all touchpoints.

Making your employees CX champions also requires a toolset that will mobilize and ensure the right data is in the right hands at the right time. To ensure your customer interactions align with your corporate CX strategy, you must disseminate and democratize actionable CX data. Use a CX tool that empowers your employees to take action through real-time reports and integrated case management.

Implement an Extensible Technology Architecture that Conquers the Complexity of Enterprise CX

Transactional data usually requires some form of cleaning and prep before use in a survey. Most CX management firms are processing upwards of a billion records annually for users, so it is critical that your organization invest in a data management workflow tool that addresses the most demanding data needs for validating, structuring, cleaning, enriching, and combining your customer data.

This all funnels into your platform, which in this age of data, must be extensible and offer an open ecosystem. Use a SaaS platform that offers open APIs and seamless integrations with other powerful tools. Every CX program is different and your technology must be flexible, so you can conquer your complex CX program.

Expand Beyond Traditional Data Collection Channels with Digital CX Solutions

Customers still engage with surveys, but as technology evolves, so do customers and how they interact with your business. Don’t lose potential feedback. Strategically implement data collection opportunities within all areas of your business. Use web intercepts and a mobile SDK that will give you actionable feedback without disrupting your customer’s visit. Enterprise CX programs can’t afford to not plan for the future of data collection. Start planning for additional ways to gather customer feedback, so you can adapt to changes within the marketplace.

As you plan for future CX investments, think about areas where you can drive greater action and thus, greater value. Use an actionable, data driven CX roadmap, implement a governance model, empower your employees for CX success, drive a fast and scalable CX program with an extensible technology architecture, and plan for the future of data collection – do these things and begin driving your organization’s highest CX ROI and CX success, and reap the benefits of recurring, loyal customers.