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Connecting the Dots: Where Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Converge

Employee engagement is well accepted as a Key Performance Indicator of thriving organizations. But while engagement has been regularly measured for decades, engagement levels have largely remained unchanged. Gallup, who tracks U.S. employee engagement in their annual State of the American Workplace report, has reported that roughly 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged in their work. Further, they estimate that disengagement costs U.S. employers $450 billion to $550 billion per year.

Happy employees create happy customers. Employees deliver service to customers and set the standard for the customer experience. Is your culture wired to boost engagement and to empower employees to deliver exceptional service? Now there’s a way to find out.

This Wednesday, the Connecting the Dots: Where Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Converge webinar will discuss the connection between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Companies who establish and maintain high levels of engagement find employees better connected to one another, the company, and their customers.

Use the CXEvolution Framework to Assess  Your CX Program

Meet the CXEvolution framework, an evidence-based model of customer experience (CX) maturity with a free online assessment to give you a taste of where your organization stands with your customer experience focus and maturity in comparison to CX Leaders.

Our free, web-based assessment provides the quickest way to baseline an organization’s CX efforts and program. By analyzing an individual’s responses about their organization’s people, processes, organizational structure, information systems, customer focus, and culture, this assessment provides an excellent starting point for CX advancement.

After completing the CX assessment, you’ll receive a robust four-page summary of placement on the CXEvolution maturity model and CX health in the six dimensions listed above, as well as a detailed evaluation with a thorough, prescriptive roadmap to help you tackle top priorities for customer experience improvement.

Use the Engagement Potential Index to Assess Your Employee Engagement 

Meet the Engagement Potential Index (EPI). The EPI represents the extent to which an organization is likely to realize returns from investments made in the area of employee engagement. The EPI measures seven “Engagement Enablers” and “Culture Quality” to indicate the strength of existing, engagement-impacting initiatives and the extent to which your culture is receptive to them.

With this free online engagement assessment that consists of 33 questions, you’ll learn how well your culture currently supports engagement in a customized, 11-page report with a tailored set of recommendations on how to improve your score over time.

Take the EPI assessment today to get a score for your organization on a 100 point scale and a percentile rank among approximately 2,000 organizations in the data set.

Understanding the Convergence of Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

Now, more than ever, employee engagement and the customer experience are strategic priorities for organizations. CultureNext and MaritzCX will come together this Wednesday to bring you the CXEvolution framework and assessment and the Engagement Potential Index (EPI) to help you set clear objectives for your programs, gain executive buy-in and commitment, and align the organization behind your efforts.

Register now for the  June 07, 2017  webinar. You won’t want to miss it.

You can take the CXEvolution and EPI assessments at:

It’s imperative today that you connect the dots between your employees and your customer experience efforts.  Let us help you learn how.