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Here Comes CXFusion 2017

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, there usually isn’t enough time to keep up with the nuances of our industry. Events such as CXFusion can fix this. What better way to get up to speed and further your career than by attending a conference where not only top influencers attend, but also where the latest trends are discussed? It’s a place where you can learn what others are doing, problems they face and gather solutions that can be implemented into your own company.

Meeting New People

For many, the prospect of meeting new people that can help them with the problems they face at work is attractive. By attending conferences, you rub shoulders with some of the smartest people within your industry. The people you meet at these events can go on to help you in your own personal career. Whether that be finding a new job, or partnering on projects. When you talk with attendees, you can not only learn, but also can get feedback on solutions, and improve processes within your own organization.

Getting Feedback

Events are a great way to get feedback on ideas and processes within your company. With many so many people with different backgrounds attending, you can gain insight on how to work with different customer segments. Networking halls, breakout sessions, and meals provide the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge and discuss with others common problems and how to overcome them.


Now, more than ever it’s easy to access knowledge. With the nearly instantaneous changes that occur within industries, it’s extremely important keep up to date with your subject matter. Typically, influencers will speak at conferences in addition to workshops and certifications being provided. Participating in these activities will provide an overdose of information and fill in the gaps of what’s happening within your particular industry.

The Seminal Customer Experience Event of the Year

Every year, MaritzCX hosts the premier customer experience event, CXFusion, in Las Vegas. This event provides workshops, certifications and top-of-the-line thought leaderships from the most influential people in the field.

If you’ve ever been to one of our past CXFusion conference, then we don’t need to convince you that this is the premier customer experience event of the year.

At last year’s CXFusion, we brought together over 600+ CX leaders and we expect to see even more this year. CXFusion 2017 is the CX event of the year and can help you drive one seamless, unified customer experience, with the insights and outcomes you, your company and your customers want and need.  Attendees will learn new and proven techniques from industry innovators and CX experts representing the world’s largest brands, and get CX Certified while you’re there.

This year’s CXFusion, taking place April 10-12, will feature power-packed speakers, intensive trainings, and networking galore at one of the most dynamic locations in the world. Our team has been working hard to pull together the best and the brightest industry innovators to equip you with new CX insight and expertise. Take your CX program to the next level as you learn new techniques and ideas that equip you drive to one seamless, unified customer experience, with the outcomes you, your company and your customers want and need.

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Register today while early bird pricing is offered for this ONE career-changing event with power-packed speakers, and best practice sessions at one of the most dynamic locations in the world. Enjoy this year’s conference entertainment at one of the most thrilling acts in town: Cirque du Soleil, Mystére.

Cirque de Solei

We have the best and the brightest industry influencers lined up to equip you with new CX insights and expertise. Join other leading innovators and CX game changers.

CXFusion 2017

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