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Topics for Blog Authors

Hi MaritzCX creators of awesome,

We at the CX Café blog need some help. We’ve come up with some really cool ideas for blog posts, but we need to get them written. Please take a look below at the topics and titles we’ve suggested, and let us know (at if any of them catch your eye!


Title: Ubër-Personalization: The New CX (not referring to the taxi service, although that’s another subject we’d like to cover. Rather, this one should be about companies that let customers personalize their products to an insane degree – how has that helped/hurt their organization and profits?)

Topic: Internet of Things (How has the growth of the IoT grown, even in the past year? Why do companies care? If you’re really cool, you can make a reference to SkyNet and we can post it on August 29 – the day that SkyNet became self-aware…)

Topic: The growth of voice recognition programs (Siri, Google, Amazon… Maybe make the title from 2001: a space odyssey when HAL the robot says, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” and then talk about how voice recognition CAN do that. Whatever “that” is.)

Title: Customer Lives Matter (must be VERY, VERY non-political. Sensitive words, but a potentially great headline. Maybe something about healthcare?)

Topic: The customer journey (Title that references a movie about journeys. Maybe Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

Topic: CX standards (benchmarking – how do  you set standards in CX?)

Topic: Mobile Beacons (There was a huge buzz about this a while back; is it still a big deal? Projected growth?)

Topic: Company culture and CX (How do you think company culture ties in with CX?)

Topic: Really listening to customers (Can reference Activision reviews we’ve gotten; tagline could be something like “Rocking out is only half of the concert, you have to listen too” – reference to playing Guitar Hero.)

Title: How to be exceptional (In whichever CX-specific way you think companies or employees should be exceptional.)

Topic: Transparency within a company (maybe something to do with ghosts since they are usually transparent. Ghostbusters?)

Topic: Law enforcement CX (this could be quite sensitive, so maybe try to keep it surface-level? Or else be very, very informative and neutral-sounding.)

Topic: Championing CX Change within organizations (how can people in different departments/levels of a company champion CX change within their own sphere of influence?)

Topic: Employee Engagement (Go crazy. Whatever you want to write about this 🙂

Topics: Data collection and survey management (ANYTHING on these topics. Write something that would help a college student creating a first survey, or something that a veteran analyst could use to boost response rates.)

Topic: Leading vs. managing (C-suite, we’re talking to you. Hoping you read through this list! But really, this would be a great topic to cover from the other side too. If you want to write about being led v. being managed, send it on over.)

Topic: Offering employees the chance to work remotely, and the effect on the company, employee engagement, and the customer experience (So. Much. To write about this. Check out yahoo’s story for inspiration.)

Topic: Products/Product launches (These can’t be too salesy, but if you want to talk about how awesome our products are, and have an interesting way to say that, send it on over! … but make sure it’s not giving away trade secrets.)

Topic: Autonomous cars, electric bikes, Uber (the taxi service this time)


Topic: Anything you’d like! We really want to hear whatever you have to talk about. Shoot us an email at with an already-written post, an outline, or just a topic, and we’ll help you get it published. Thanks for your willingness to contribute!