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Asking Scary Questions to Improve Your CX Program

Today’s consumers are not afraid to switch things up, if a company’s service fails to live up to their expectations. With so many choices across the marketplace, customers will go wherever they feel their needs are best met. So how can we, as businesses and CX practitioners alike, attract and retain customers for life?

A great first step is to examine what customer experience processes are in place, and then look for ways to improve.

Listening to feedback can guide you to take action and implement changes where customers need it most. It can be scary to hear feedback sometimes, but ultimately it is for the betterment of business to hear the good, and the bad reviews.

Below are some “scary” questions to ask when improving a CX program, that can help move organizations to a better place in  delivering great experiences to customers:

  • Are processes designed with the customer journey in mind rather than just efficiency?
  • Are we collecting the right customer information at the right time from the right people?
  • Are we reacting, responding, or anticipating customer wants and needs? 
  • Are we attracting and selecting the right people? Are we training and motivating them appropriately to do that right thing for the customer?
  • Do we have a customer centric culture? Does our senior management walk the walk as well as talk the talk?

Reflecting on the various factors that lead to a great customer experience can be tricky, but if you do it right, it will be a treat for both customers and employees.

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