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Align CX to Drive Tangible Business Results

Depth of Insight + Breadth of Influence = Speed of Success

Register Now – June 22, 2017

Based on the 2016 CXEvolution Survey by MaritzCX, only thirty-eight percent of customer service (CX) professionals say their programs are successful. With expectations and demands from customers and company executives constantly growing, how do CX professionals help improve customer experience and increase revenue growth? The answer—align the CX program to the overall business strategy.

A true competitive advantage delivers value and requires holistic solutions for the customer journey and organization, back by deep CX insights and metrics. Going beyond the customer and aligning CX with the organization’s people, processes, and technology not only addresses a customer’s pain point but also its origin. Addressing these pain points leads to more successful CX programs and sustainable change organization wide. This requires the CX team to be plugged in and armed with relevant insights and actionable data across the enterprise.

Organizations that are highly evolved in CX maturity do this successfully. But how?

Join us Thursday, June 22 for the Align CX to Drive Tangible Business Results webinar where we’ll discuss five critical success factors for deeper customer insights and more granular reporting.

  1. Translating customer voice and strategy into your performance metrics
  2. Engaging your C-Suite with CX insights that inform business strategy
  3. Employing organizational change management practices
  4. Driving process improvement by putting customers at the forefront of your design
  5. Ensuring sustainability through active CX program governance

Business results that continually trend in the right direction require not only an understanding of these success factors, but an ability to operationalize solutions based on them. This insightful discussion which will help you:

  1. Develop an understanding of the holistic nature of real CX organizational transformation
  2. Learn about the five critical success factors required to successfully leverage CX insights
  3. Connect business strategy with solutions which drive not only an improved customer experience, but true sustainable organizational transformation

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