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5 Tips From Volvo on Transforming the Customer Experience

Volvo Sees Increase in NPS by Leveraging CX Insights

Although the automotive industry experience has changed a lot in the past few weeks, we want to celebrate the breakthroughs that Volvo had when we first began working together.

The original state of the programme seemed to have left employees coaching customers to give them higher scores which led to gaming the system to increase their response rates. And, it became apparent that the company was focusing to much on getting a higher response rate and NPS score then driving best-in-class experiences.

When these insights were discovered, Volvo knew a radical change was needed to truly be considered best in class. 

Volvo’s Senior CX Manager, Cecilia Björk Bang-Melchior and Customer Satisfaction Specialist, Peter Allanson, shared their experience at the CXForum in London, and gave insight into what it took to transform Volvo’s CX programme. 

Here are the 5 best practices they shared:

1. Real Life Has No Captions

Each person who enters a dealership (including employees) have life circumstances happening behind the scenes that can’t be seen from the surface.

With this insight, Volvo shifted its perspective from seeing the “car as the customer” and instead began to focus on customers as real people. 

2. Total Detox

To transform the CX programme into putting the customer front and centre, Volvo underwent a “total detox.” 

Volvo started to reflect on the process and to re-educate their employees to focus on this new metric and to elicit positive behaviour from employees. 

3. Establish New Benchmarks for Success with Your Team

New rules were established around survey distribution.

The rules state that employees were no longer allowed to mention the survey to the customer, it removed overall satisfaction from the bonus and revamped incentive structure focused on a joint process index from sales and service.

Instead, bonuses would now be assessed from two elements: sales + service.  

4. Text Analytics Has Illuminated Opportunities

Text Analytics is the key catalyst for highlighting gaps and opportunity within the CX programme at Volvo.

Text Analytics is a tool that analyses surveys at scale and understanding actionable insights

Volvo has incorporated the feature into its CX programme to help them prioritise which business actions were needed to experience the highest impact.  

5. The Hard Work Pays Off

The business results have been amazing as Vovlo now receives honest feedback from customers, relieved dealers and employees.

The CX team works with the dealers to present best practices and make individual action plans, and Volvo has evolved its CX programme to visualise the scores for each employee in real-time, which helps to make the impact of their interactions more real.

Each employee gets a dashboard which includes predefined best practices so employees can delve deeper into insights.  

It’s important to ask your business the question, “Is our CX program truly resulting in happier customers or just a higher NPS score?”  

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