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Gratitude & Great CX

Dearest CX turkeys and gurus alike, I wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving!  And thank you for your consistent customer focus.

Last week I felt extremely grateful after personally experiencing one company’s outstanding customer focus.  I was overjoyed to find a particular brand of hairspray that I had only seen in-stores, sold online.  This spray was not extremely common and thus sometimes hard to find, not to mention that the online price was less expensive than I had ever seen.  I happily ordered a canister which arrived promptly.  To my great disappointment, the spray nozzle on the bottle did not function properly.  I tried every remedy and possible spraying angle, shook the can endlessly and cleaned the lid what seemed to be one hundred times to no avail.  I decided that my extraordinary online find was simply too good to be true.  I emailed the company, not expecting any action on their part. To my astonishment, I received a response email the next day which included an apology and shipping information on a replacement bottle.  My new hairspray arrived just one day later and worked perfectly.  As a customer, I was grateful for the prompt response and resolution.  I felt valued and appreciated and will most definitely return to purchase items from this merchant.

As the remainder of the holiday season approaches, let us all vow to be a little better, to do a little more for our customers.  This holiday season, cultivate an attitude of gratitude by giving your customers a reason to be thankful!