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Wells Fargo: Pushing the Envelope to Success

Scott Humes, the Client Service Manager at Wells Fargo, manages five client services groups across the nation. In his role as Client Services Manager, Wells Fargo seeks to be innovative and push the envelope of traditional service by reviewing their customer’s portfolio, touch points, and offering suggestions to help them reduce their effort in completing their treasury management tasks and goals. To accomplish this, Wells Fargo formalized this goal into a process that they call “Service Consultations.”

After noting that their approach to interactions with their client services was not being effective by just spitting out data, Wells Fargo began approaching their client service strategy differently.

“Spitting out data to our clients was like checking a box for us and checking a box for them,” Humes said. “We weren’t providing much added value to our clients and they already knew most of the things we were telling them.”

After realizing that they were not using the data to the best of their ability they decided to revamp their program. After fifteen months of developing and brainstorming the most effective way that their company could be both innovative and give their clients something that they don’t already have, they finally came to the conclusion that, they needed to implement “service consultations”.

“We got feedback from our sales team and we weren’t gaining business or making a difference in the way that our clients did business,” Humes said.  “We wanted to make a difference for our clients—we wanted them to not just have data, but to have something to work off of.”

Once Wells Fargo decided to implement the new service consultant team they went to work quickly and the Client Services Group developed a Service Consultation program, a methodical and analysis-based process combined with best practices and an action plan. This team takes data they receive and then they consult with their clients to outline and propose potential action plans based on business needs. They give their clients pointers and best practice advice, based on the information that is gathered from the data. This allows the client to be more informed, self-sufficient and in-sync with their clients and business. This new approach for this Wells Fargo team has proved to be very successful in helping their clients get where they want to go.

This creative and comprehensive method of interacting with customers won Wells Fargo a Silver Award for ‘Innovation in Customer Service’ at the 10th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, March 4, in Las Vegas.

To hear more about Service Consultations and more from Scott Humes, he will be speaking about this program in more detail at CXFusion which will be held in Las Vegas April 25-27. Attend his session and learn how this deep dive and personalized approach makes more positive ripples for your customers than a standard quick skim.