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How an Energy Company Became Fanatical About CX

Making the Customer First in Everything You Do

The often-used statistic according to Gartner is that 89% of companies differentiate on the basis of customer experience. It’s no doubt the pressure is on to create the best CX program. Whether it’s analyzing the customer journey or deep diving into feedback using text analytics, the process of creating a stand-out customer experience can be stressful and exhausting.

Is the quest for differentiation causing you to lose your mind? We want to help you keep your sanity and move the needle by putting new focus on your CX program.

How Reliant Became Fanatical About CX

In the upcoming webinar, we’re spotlighting a customer that is doing what many companies are thinking about doing, differentiating themselves from the competition by becoming fanatics about customer experience.  Join us for this illuminating webinar where Reliant, an electricity, home services, and security company based in Texas, transformed their CX initiatives, shifting focus from transactions to building customer relationships in an effort to differentiate themselves in a deregulated and very competitive market. And the good news is—they’re seeing amazing results!

MaritzCX and Reliant partnered and used a phased approach to transform customer feedback into actionable improvements that increased Reliant’s NPS by 152% in just one year. 

Reliant will share:

  • How to build an accountable cross-functional team for CX improvements
  • Why it is important to ensure executive commitment and involve all levels of an organization
  • How to dedicate adequate time, energy, and resources to your long-term CX vision
  • What it takes to create a team of CX Fanatics within your organization
  • Why a continuous education cadence about the relevance of CX is necessary
  • The key to tying CX directly to your goals and broad business objectives

To say Reliant’s CX efforts have positively impacted their business is an understatement. Aside from the 152% increase in their NPS score, Reliant will share additional improvements in key indicators and ways they have seen their client relationships, culture, and business change for the better.

Don’t miss out, see how Reliant is making a difference for their customers, and learn how you can too.

How an Energy Company Became Fanatical About CX–July 11, 2017 Register here.