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Fast Track Employee Engagement with a ‘Keep It Simple’ Survey

The strongest companies embrace their culture and the engagement of people who comprise it. Most traditional and effective Voice of the Employee programs focus on learning from employees about several key areas. These include degree of engagement and commitment to the organization’s success; performance climate, leadership effectiveness, work environment, communication, relationships with co-workers and career growth opportunity. Most organizations set out to drive employee engagement which in turn impacts customer loyalty and key business outcomes.

While a regular assessment of engagement is critical to an organization’s success, most traditional Voice of the Employee (VoE) programs overlook employee insights regarding what customers like and/or dislike. Oftentimes also overlooking the company’s processes and practices – details that can identify barriers in providing a positive customer experience and insights to strengthen loyalty.

Give Your Employees a Voice and Fast Track Your Employee Engagement Today

A successful Voice of the Employee effort begins with asking the right questions. Based upon decades of experience understanding employee engagement, MaritzCX has developed a comprehensive measurement framework of pre-built items that include not only traditional employee measures, but also customer-focused measures to better understand what employees know about the customers’ experience.

MaritzCX has also innovated in the VoE market by offering the only survey in the industry which captures Employee Expectations – a critical component in understanding the expectations of the workforce and to the degree to which the organization measures up.  By including this unique measure, organizations can identify ways to drive high employee expectations and exceed them to instill the highest degree of employee engagement.  The MaritzCX Fast Track VoE Survey takes only minutes to complete and includes an open-ended prompt, eNPS for Overall Engagement, Employee Expectations benchmarks, and 12 key engagement drivers.

While all organizations are unique and want to capture input unique to their business, our pre-built framework will ensure they not only get the right insights from their employees but also begin collecting and analyzing data quickly.

We believe strongly enough in our survey model that we are offering HR professionals complimentary access to our pre-built employee engagement survey and reports – including industry benchmarks – at no cost.

Step 1: Sign-up now to leverage this free, online employee engagement survey at

Step 2: The survey is ready to go: just email the survey link to your employees to start collecting data right away.

Step 3: Unique Benefit:  As determined by survey results as employees respond to items on the survey, only highly engaged employees are offered a link to Glassdoor to provide positive company insights and build positive ratings in the public domain.

Keep It Simple Survey From MaritzCX

  • Free, online pre-built survey ready to measure employee engagement
  • Benchmark your organization within your industry
  • Connect engaged employees to review sites for improved public perception
  • Proactively identify employee suggestions
  • Enhance the overall ROI of our customer experience program