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One of the Five Largest Transport & Logistic Companies in the World Launches an Efficient Closed Loop Feedback Programme

DSV is one of the five largest transport and logistics companies in the world, with a global presence in 85 different countries, 45,000 members of staff, and more than 250,000 customers. As a company well-known for its active acquisition strategy, DSV also focuses on organic growth between acquisitions.

For many years, DSV did not have a formal customer experience (CX) programme in place, but rather a decentralised collection and a measurement of Voice of the Customer (VoC) data.

It was the responsibility of local in country organisations to design, collect and analyse their own structured feedback surveys.

As a result, there was a lack of consistency, as each location used their own survey software and methodology.

Furthermore, there was no methodical way of handling and responding to customer feedback in a way that would solve the problems identified by their customers. Meaning, there were no result in cross-organisational improvement initiatives.

It was DSV’s aim to develop a centralised, professional survey structure that would implement global standards, identify and streamline strategic touch points, and create a consistent cross-organisational customer survey model.

At the same time, DSV wanted to establish a closed loop feedback programme with a case response rate of less than 48 hours.

 A CX Programme to Create Customer-centric Behavior

 When first initiating the programme goals, DSV’s CX team brought in the management board from a very early stage. Their early buy in was a key success factor for the programme.

At the beginning of the design and implementation process, the DSV team streamlined all international surveys. All surveys were translated into 25 languages and implemented into the platform, incorporating the DSV’s branding.

The survey types and parameters were expanded to include relationship surveys, which receive over 11,000 responses a year, with a response rate of 15%.

They also included and transactional surveys, which are triggered by selected and pre-defined events along the customer journey.

Since the launch, the CX programme and platform has been rolled out in 46 countries, with over 2,000 customer centric super and frontline users that together represent more than 90% of DSV’s total turnover.

Responding Quickly and Efficiently to Customers

The MaritzCX platform, allows DSV to gather customer feedback, analyse it and report on it in real time.

With the use of regional filters and automated push reports, insights are accessible to senior executives, middle management and account owners allowing them to respond quicker to customer needs — but also helping them make strategic improvements based on their customers’ experiences.

Today, DSV has more than 300 push reports going out to their employees, sharing important insights.

In a continued effort to respond quickly and efficiently to their customers, now in less than a second after a DSV customer has submitted their feedback, an individual alert is sent directly to the inbox of the person responsible for DSV’s relations with that particular customer. The account owner has 48 hours to respond to undertake service-recovery measures, should the customer be dissatisfied. Previously it took up to 10 days.

If the DSV staff member responsible does not establish contact with the respondent within the agreed time limit, the alert is automatically forwarded to the next level in the organisation. Yet, with the ease of use of the platform and handling the right information to the right account owner, the customer follow-up activities have increased from 60 to 95%.

DSV is using the platform capabilities and text analytics tool to analyse comments and drill down into categories that either need root cause analysis or improvement. The tool is also helping them identify trends and potential business initiatives.

Seeing a Customer-centric Organisational Shift

“For us this is not simply a survey programme, but rather a long-term cultural initiative. The vision to remain a customer-centric company is here to stay. And with the MaritzCX technology, we have simplified the process of not only triggering surveys following certain customer interaction points, but also to put the customer first. We are now able to see what pains them and how we can react to them.”

“This CX mentality in growing within DSV and has been recognised by our clients, which we can see in both numbers and anecdotal feedback. The CX programme is a key activity in support of our organic growth ambitions and is certainly being appreciated by customers and employees.”

Anders Norman, DSV

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