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MaritzCX’s Brion Scheidel to Speak at Megaputer Analytics Conference

Between work, family, and other commitments such as school or sports, there usually isn’t enough time to keep up with the nuances of our industry. However, with the nearly instantaneous changes that occur within industries, now more ever it’s extremely important to keep up to date with your subject matter. Industry events are a great way to do this. What better way to get up to speed and further your career than by attending a conference where not only top influencers share knowledge, but also where the latest trends are discussed? And how much more is this effect compounded when you are invited to speak at one of these conferences?

Recognized by Megaputer as a leading power user of their PolyAnalyst analytics software, Brion Scheidel has been invited to present at this year’s Megaputer Analytics Conference. Brion is the director of the Text Analytics Group at MaritzCX and has been a presenter at both of Megaputer’s previous conferences, as well as Text Analytics Summit and Text Analytics World conferences. Previous topics have included details on MaritzCX’s approach to auto-categorization, the tools and processes they’ve established that allow them to maintain high levels of precision for hundreds of clients, and leveraging PolyAnalyst and the R programming language to perform predictive analytics using auto-categorization results.

This year, Brion’s presentation is entitled, “PolyAnalyst Tips and Tricks and Gotchas You Won’t Find in the Help”. The session description is, “PolyAnalyst is a complex and comprehensive tool and while Megaputer does its best to keep the Help up to date, it’s an impossible challenge to document everything. This session will cover a broad variety of some of the thorny issues we’ve discovered at MaritzCX over the years, and the approaches we’ve developed for dealing with many of them.”


At MaritzCX, we encourage our employees to share their knowledge and are excited when they do, especially at conferences. Our workforce is talented in many fields such as analytics, research, and disciplines within customer experience (CX).

If you would like to attend this year’s Megaputer Analytics Conference, it will run from October 18 to the 19th in Bloomington, IN. You can access the speaker and agenda list here. If you’d like to register for the conference, click here.


Brion is MaritzCX’s Text Analytics subject matter expert. Brion provides the technical expertise to design, implement, and support all aspects of text analytics. Brion’s text analytics experience includes natural language processing, machine learning, data extraction/transformation/loading, and web content harvesting.

Prior to joining Maritz Research/MaritzCX in 2008, Brion was a Senior Technical Consultant at a text analytics software company providing solutions to Maritz Research. He developed text extraction modules and provided consulting, training, and support to customers, as well as led the development and deployment of solutions. Brion’s technical grounding traces back to over 20 years of software development and consulting positions with companies in various sectors, including automotive, retail, manufacturing, and technology.

Brion holds a master of science degree in computer information science from the University of Michigan. He also holds a bachelor of science in computer science and a bachelor of arts in mathematics. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery.