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CX Best Practices: Aer Lingus Leverages Customer Feedback

Using Customer Feedback to Prioritise Business Investments

In 2014, Aer Lingus started its CX programme with the end goal of discovering what its customers really think, take the subjectivity out of business decisions and have a single source of truth to embed employee bonuses, business cases and IT priorities. 

Michelle McLoughlin, Head of Consumer Insight for Aer Lingus takes us through best practices for prioritising business investment around customer feedback. 

Aer Lingus as a “value carrier” is always striving to provide more value to customers, and now makes about 80% of business decisions from the insights derived from its maturing CX programme.

4 Best Practices for Programme Success

1. Heat Maps Help Focus on What Matters

Aer Lingus has incorporated 4 overall quadrants to represent customer insights, yet they only focus their attention on the “critical” category to keep focus streamlined to what activities are most impactful to NPS. 

2. Set Achievable Targets

The Aer Lingus team has achievable and simplified targets, focusing only on the NPS metric. Every team member has one NPS target they are working toward and it is tied into bonus structure.  

3. Stakeholder Support is Critical

Michelle outlined how stakeholder buy-in is one of the key ingredients to CX success. It’s been critical in Aer Lingus’ CX journey to find Senior Advocates and CX Champions throughout the business to carry the momentum forward and encourage a grassroots advocacy system. 

4. Look for Correlating CX Metrics

One of the most interesting CX insights from Aer Lingus is that NPS and “punctuality” are highly correlated.

Whilst the team has little control over the punctuality of the aircraft to a certain extent, they creatively realised that controlling elements around punctuality was able to effect NPS scores.

A practical example of was incorporating new earbuds onboard with marginal cost increase but superior sound quality.

The slight shift in in-flight entertainment resulted in a 10% increase in satisfaction in the first 12 months. 

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