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Time for your CX Program Grade: Part 2

CX Grades: Part two

Continued from Part one

Car Mechanic Saving Grace
In another recent experience when I took my car in to get serviced, I was very disappointed to discover that the shop did not have any record of my appointment, and did not have any openings that day either. It was initially an opportunity for disaster, but instead of just scheduling me for a future date they quickly called another branch location a few miles away and got me in immediately. An impressive save! Upon my arrival I was met by the manager with a warm greeting, an apology for any mix up, keys to a nice loaner car for the day, and a token for a free car wash. What a rebound for these guys! And just before I got in my car to leave, the manager parted with, “Just remember, if you get a customer satisfaction survey that it was the other location who screwed up your appointment, not us.” It was as if the veneer just came off the cabinet.


Customer Support Systems: F
(Of course I am making the assumption I didn’t mess up the date myself.)

Processes: A
While there may have been a breakdown in the scheduling, I was impressed by the fact that frontline employees were empowered to immediately jump into action to find a solution.

Training: A
Assuming the scheduling error was a technical mistake; the employees were professional, knowledgeable, followed a quick protocol to satisfy a customer, and did a great job with the repair.

Hiring: A-
Aside from the parting comment, the people were warm, professional and came across as very genuine.

Rewards & Recognition: B
In this case it became very obvious that employee rewards and recognition are tied to customer experiences. While the rewards and recognition of this company are effectively driving behaviors, the employees are still more focused on the score the customer will give them than on the experience they deliver the customer.

As with the grades my kids will receive from their teachers, the grades our customers give organizations are byproducts of a holistic customer experience effort that goes way beyond just measuring and reporting customer satisfaction. These grades are determined by the work of employees in many diverse roles:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Organizational Culture
  • Presence and Quality of the VOC Program
  • Customer Support Systems
  • Service Standards
  • Training
  • Hiring
  • Customer & Employee Communications
  • Resource Allocation

So how would you grade the customer experience efforts of your organization, and how would this compare others in your industry? There is an easy way to find out. Click on this link for a CX Self-Assessment, complete the assessment, and we will send you a copy of the industry-level report when the study is completed. The success of a good customer experience starts well before the customer has contact with the frontline—though this is often the only place organizations measure their success. I invite you to assess your CX program!