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Video: Reaching the Top of the CX Mountain

Sometimes it seems that reaching the top of the CX mountain is insurmountable.   It’s an ongoing process of continuous improvement and along the way we have to constantly evaluate what we’re doing and ask ourselves some tough questions.  We asked some of those questions at our recent MaritzCX Automotive Conference.    More specifically:

  1. What are the challenges for manufacturers and dealers in applying the VOC to actually improving the customer experience
  2. With auto sales blowing the doors off in 2014, does the customer experience really matter?
  3. What technology can dealers use to improve their customer experience?

We draw upon the clients’ insight in answering these questions.  As always, I appreciate your feedback.

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PS  Continuing the theme from last week, for the discerning Formula 1 enthusiast on your shopping list this holiday season, check out the attached link for the Collector Studio.  If you have $75,000 you don’t know what to do with, perhaps a race-worn Ayrton Senna race helmet might fit the bill.