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Making the Automotive Service Experience Exceptional: Part 3 of 3

Taking Care of Your Customers “After”

This is the last of three blogs discussing an exceptional Service Experience. The first two looked at what happens Before and During the service. 

Today we’ll look at what happens After vehicle servicing is completed. As a quick reminder, an exceptional Service Experience cannot be understated.

Not only do we want owners to return for regular maintenance, but high Service satisfaction often leads to a greater likelihood of a repeat purchase as well. Sales sells the first vehicle, Service sells the rest. 

Effective Communication After Service

After the Service has been completed it’s a best practice to send the final invoice either by text or email to avoid any surprises at the cashier. Try to set up a pickup time where Service Advisor or Service Manager is available to handle any further questions.

Ensure the seats, mirrors, radio settings or any other customer preferences are restored to their original settings and leave the vehicle in a convenient location that will be easily found by the customer.

If possible, have the vehicle washed as well or include a voucher for a car wash in cold weather climates or seasons. It is these small details that brings customers back time and time again.  

Review Any Work Completed with The Customer

When speaking with the customer, review the Repair Order and if possible, present any old parts that were replaced.

This is the ultimate in transparency and for some discerning and even skeptical customers, this will validate that the work was actually done.

In some cases, a further walk-around may be required to present any repairs that were completed such as paint touch ups or dent removals. 

Before the customer leaves, check their satisfaction level and address any outstanding issues. Hopefully there are none, and you can then attempt to pre-book their next Service in advance. 

Commit to Customer Satisfaction and Follow-Up

Lastly, follow-up after the customer has leftpreferably within 24 hours to ensure they are completely satisfied and no further questions have come up.  

This last contact provides a lasting impression of your commitment to their satisfaction and allows for an additional “thank you” for their business. 

It’s also in the dealer’s best interest. Our research on follow-up after service shows that customers who are followed up tend to provide a higher NPS than those who aren’t.

Dealers want referrals to generate additional traffic and following up with customers after their service is a great way of doing exactly that.   

Build and Retain Trust

One last word that may seem self-evident, but it needs to be stressed. I used to moderate a lot of service focus groups and customers would tell me time and time again about the importance of trust.

Seems like common sense, but I was often regaled with stories of how the dealer said they did something, but then the customer found out that a particular service wasn’t done, or a specific part replaced.

And when that happens, destroying your dealership’s reputation is only a few keystrokes away.

Think Like Your Customers Before, During, and After

Make the best practices we’ve talked about in these three blogs your own based on your individual dealership’s needs, structure and existing processes.

The key is to “think like a customer” and adapt as best as possible to their Service needs.

Today’s consumer has many options in terms of maintaining their vehicle, so ensure you are at the top of their list by planning for, and delivering, an exceptional Service Experience – Before, During and After their visit.