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Video: In Case You’re Bored This Weekend

One of the many benefits of having teenage sons is that they bring to your attention things that are potentially very interesting. To that end, our oldest sent me a link to a new video game that was only a matter of time. Those who have played (or watched our kids play) Roller Coaster Tycoon, Mall Tycoon, and many other Tycoons are probably interested in “Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game.”

Check this out:

It’s a cool idea that places the player in control of a newly founded car company starting in the post-war era of 1946. You are responsible for designing your cars from the ground up – from the chassis and the engine to its body styling. The goal is to meet the needs of different markets and various types of buyers. Players will need to research new technology to keep ahead of your competitors and expand your company.

Sound familiar? Sounds pretty much like what our industry does every day.

This idea is also potentially interesting to us as an industry because one of the hot topics out there right now is “gamification” which attempts to engage customers and employees by making routine and sometimes boring tasks interesting and fun. Participants get badges, achievement levels, or virtual currency and often see their progress through a visual meter of some sort.

It’s something to consider next time you’re tweaking your website.

The graphics on the game look a little dated but it’s pretty impressive since apparently only four guys were responsible for designing and building the game. For those who don’t like hockey and don’t want to watch the playoffs, it gives you something to do this weekend. Have a good one.