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Dave Fish

Perpetually curious researcher of human behavior and CEO CuriosityCX, a CX advisory and consultancy firm. Passionate researcher and customer experience guy. I like cars, motorcycles, and running. https://curiositycx.com/

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The Righteous Path to CX Outcomes

“That’s why we hired you!” The executive from the now defunct automotive brand was clearly agitated and I wasn’t helping things. “If our scores don’t go up, why would we continue to do business with you?” he bellowed, turning a worrisome shade of red. A fair... View Article

November 9, 2015 Dave Fish

Gutenberg 2.0

The genius of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press was in its ability to radically increase the distribution of information. No longer were scribes required to hand transcribe documents, complete with errors. Information could now be quickly and flawlessly mass produced. It was a radical innovation in information distribution, and arguably the beginning of the information age.... View Article

October 7, 2015 Dave Fish