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Len Ferman

Len Ferman is a senior consultant at MaritzCX.  Len specializes in qualitative research, facilitating ideation and action planning sessions, leading customer journey mapping engagements and providing training on the innovation process. Prior to joining MaritzCX, Len spent 25 years with Fortune 100 companies managing customer experience research and innovation.  Len led the front end of innovation at Bank of America and served as head of ideation.  He developed the Idea Tournament process to identify and select the optimal concepts for development. Len is also an adjunct professor at the University of North Florida where he teaches a course he developed on business creativity and innovation.  His unique teaching methods were highlighted in a Forbes magazine article titled, “How to Prepare College Students to Innovate.”  He also authored a college textbook, “Business Creativity and Innovation: Perspectives and Best Practices”, that was published by Cognella in 2019, and is available on Amazon. Len graduated from Duke University with an M.A. in Economics and an M.B.A.