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While it is not unusual for companies to implement programs that provide a method...

So, You’ve Been Assigned to Create a Customer Survey – Part 2

Join Jeff Olsen, Director of Education at Allegiance Inc, and survey design expert as he continues the discussion on basic survey design. This is the second part or "sequel" to part one of our mini series on basic things to know to create an outstanding customer survey. We will discuss the four qualities of good question design, and how to effectively use scales and tables in your survey. Ever get invited to take a survey that you either didn't take or never finished? Come learn a few tips to make your survey more salient and valuable.

November 7, 2012 Jeff Olsen

Customer Interaction Maps: Plotting the Customer’s Journey

The brand promise is the expectation that you set about your brand with your customers. Each of your touchpoints reinforces and fulfills the brand’s promise. Creating a customer interaction map forces you to think about the customer lifecycle and to consider or visualize the experience at each touchpoint – and ultimately, it identifies where the brand promise is broken.

October 18, 2010 Jeff Olsen

Join Us On-Air Friday for an Interview with HireVue

This is an open invitation to have you join our upcoming blog talk radio show live, on-air this Friday the 14th at 4pm Mountain (6pm Eastern). I'll be chatting with Porter Williams and Jacob Bauer of HireVue, a leading provider of Digital Interview services, which serves companies such as Wal Mart, Starbucks and Nike.

December 12, 2012 Jeff Olsen

So, You’ve Been Assigned to Create a Customer Survey

Congratulations! You drew the short straw. Your company or department has determined that they need a customer survey and you have been selected to create it. Join us for part one of this "mini bootcamp" as we go over a few tips to make your survey more salient and valuable . . . and make you look like a hero!

October 31, 2012 Jeff Olsen

In the VOC Trenches: An interview with Porter Williams & Jacob Bauer of HireVue

As many of you who listen to our podcast on Allegiance Radio already know, we like to bring in guests who are experts in VOC. Last month, I had the good fortune to speak with Porter Williams and Jacob Bauer from HireVue. Located right here in the Salt Lake City area, HireVue is the leading provider of digital interview services serving companies such as Wal-Mart, Starbucks and Nike. Porter Williams is the director of client services and operations at HireVue since early 2010. He oversees HireVue's 24/7 support operations, the Voice of the Customer program, and also serves as a hub between products and customers. He pioneered HireVue's customer success program. Jacob Bauer is currently the VOC and customer success analyst at HireVue. He joined the team in May of 2011 as a client's support representative. Realizing the importance of VOC and the impact it can have on businesses, he focuses efforts on gathering and analyzing data from clients. He now currently administers the VOC program under porter as well as managing data that comes to HireVue through the different VOC channels.

January 23, 2013 Jeff Olsen

A Customer Experience Moment of Truth

Recently, I was traveling from Frankfurt, Germany to Washington DC on a major airline. As I boarded the plane and took my seat, the flight attendant was broadcasting a welcome message and bragging that this was a “new” state of the art Boeing 747, the most advanced aircraft on the planet. As I waited for the 8 hour flight to begin, I felt something cold and wet hitting my arm. I signaled the flight attendant and she walked over and told me “oh, yes we know about that problem… sorry sir” and handed me a blanket to cover my arm. My unfortunate experience created a customer experience moment of truth for this flight attendant.

August 15, 2012 Jeff Olsen

VOC Expert: Phil Morin of SAP

Before the holidays I posted our Blog Talk Radio interview with VOC Expert, Cole Nussbaumer. This week I'm sharing my interview with Phil Morin, the Vice President of Global Customer Experience at SAP. SAP is Headquartered in Walldorf Germany and is regarded as the market leader in enterprise application software. SAP supports over 183,000 customers worldwide and employs over 55,000 employees in locations throughout the world. Recently, SAP launched their VOC program "SAP Listens." Want to learn what it is like 'in the trenches' of Voice of the Customer? Listen as Phil and I discuss his experience and hear his advice for new VOC practitioners.

January 8, 2013 Jeff Olsen

Customer Feedback Map: Charting Sources of VOC Data

Think about the many customer touchpoints of your organization, and then think about the various departments in your organization that might be asking customers for feedback at each of those touchpoints. It can be quite overwhelming -- for you and for your customers! To make sense of it all, you should compile a Customer Feedback Map to accompany your Customer Touchpoint Map.

November 8, 2010 Jeff Olsen

VOC Practitioners: What are they really saying?

Listen to what leading VOC practitioners Arkadi Kuhlmann of ING Bank and Jim Bampos of EMC Corp. are saying and what led to their success(es) in this interview on BlogTalk radio. Then tune in to Allegiance Radio on BlogTalk radio each week. It's a fun way to engage, learn and share best practices for success.

June 27, 2011 Jeff Olsen

Social Media: Ready… Fire… Aim

As companies begin to embrace social media, many are using a ‘ready, fire, aim” approach. Companies should first create clear policies and determine if and how they will respond and what they intend to do with the feedback data.

June 15, 2010 Jeff Olsen