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Jason Macedonia, Vice President, Healthcare & Patient Experience

As the Vice President of Healthcare and Patient Experience at MaritzCX, Jason leads company strategy, design, administration and support of healthcare solutions. With a background in organizational development and experience measurement, this role complements his development of industry norm-disrupting capabilities using technology-enabled capture of insights to drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, strengthen employee engagement and assess organizational culture. With 15+ years of experience in healthcare before joining MaritzCX, Jason served as Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development at Avatar Solutions, an innovator in the patient experience (PX) space. In his leadership role, Jason led design behind the industry’s most advanced patient experience program capabilities, leveraging expertise in survey item development, SaaS-based reporting design, implementation and training, client/partner CAHPS compliance, and collaboration with the industry partners and data resources including the NCBD (National CAHPS Database). Jason’s responsibilities also included executive oversight of prominent patient experience programs with organizations including Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, and the University HealthSystem Consortium. Jason has also advised healthcare leaders on statistical sampling, data presentation, compensation/incentive models, healthcare and patient-centered survey design, survey administration, CMS-CAHPS compliance protocols, patient/employee experience strategies, HCAHPS reimbursement acceleration, service driven culture mapping, and data-driven goal setting. He is a contributing member to the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Body of Knowledge, a framework to capture the knowledge central to the role of the patient experience leader and has presented at national conferences on innovations in patient experience measurement.