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The Biggest Threat To The Customer Experience Profession Is Tunnel Vision

I've written in the past about some of the big challenges facing the customer experience (CX) discipline, such as a lack of real understanding among executives and a confusing tech market. Those issues are still around, but they've been pretty well documented lately and have CX leaders appropriately on guard. Now there's a more insidious threat on the horizon: tunnel vision.

March 22, 2013 Andrew McInnes

Questioning the Service Recovery Paradox

It's often said that customers who encounter problems and get good service recovery are more loyal than customers who never encounter problems at all. This is known as the service recovery paradox. It's a seductive idea, and it's become standard wisdom in the customer experience and service worlds. But is it actually true? Sometimes. Maybe.

April 24, 2013 Andrew McInnes

5 Tips For Engaging Sales In Your Customer Loyalty Program

I recently sat down with my colleague Jamie Ziegler to chat about the role of sales organizations in customer loyalty programs – an important consideration for B2B companies. Jamie has a wealth of practical knowledge on the topic having run global loyalty programs at JD Edwards and VMware and spent several years as an enterprise salesperson herself. As we talked, we naturally hit on a number of well-documented best practices like closing the loop directly with customers for service recovery and growth. We also identified a handful of equally important but often forgotten tips. Here are five of the less obvious items you can use to give your program a boost.

March 6, 2013 Andrew McInnes

The Convergence of Customer Feedback and CRM

In my spare time, I have the pleasure of sitting on the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) "CX Expert" panel, where nine other panelists and I field questions from members (and one another) on all things CX. Recently, my fellow panel member and Allegiance partner, John Carroll of Ipsos, inquired about the convergence of customer feedback and CRM. I think a lot about this convergence in my role at Allegiance and as an industry watcher in general. It's happening more and more, and there's significant value in it. However, as with many early developments, the value often gets confused in the marketplace. I started my response to John by describing the flavors of convergence we see adding value, and I thought this overview might be helpful for the broader VoC and CX world.

June 12, 2013 Andrew McInnes

Confusing Customer Experience With Customer Experiences

The customer experience business discipline has no inherent connection to wow moments or cool technology. It’s about defining the right experiences for your company – given your customers’ needs and company’s strategy – and consistently delivering over time. As we encounter the standout stories, we should focus on why they actually make sense for the companies behind them and the customers in front of them.

July 16, 2012 Andrew McInnes

The Limits of Voice of Customer Intelligence

During last week’s webinar with Forrester analyst Kerry Bodine, we discussed the importance of what she calls the “customer cascade,” which goes like this: Companies need to develop deep customer insight in order to design and deliver great customer experiences and ultimately reap the financial rewards that follow. Insight, action, result. It’s a true and beautiful pattern, and it’s been pretty well documented in recent years.

February 27, 2012 Andrew McInnes

3 Must-Dos To Make Your VoC Program Stick

Most companies still haven’t developed a mature enough understanding of CX or mature enough CX practices to keep the discipline alive when today’s hype dies down. But we can still do a number of things to help secure the future for the sake of our customers, our companies, and our careers. Here are three approaches that VoC practitioners in particular need to pursue to make their programs stick.

June 12, 2012 Andrew McInnes

Bad Customer Experience Is Worse Than Crap

Okay, I used a crass headline to get your attention. But it turns out to be true. I recently stumbled upon a 2010 Consumer Reports study where Americans rated poor customer experiences like hidden fees and incomprehensible bills as more annoying than dog poop. And the fun doesn't stop there. By my count, eleven of the top twenty annoyances are customer experiences (and a few others are arguable).

March 29, 2013 Andrew McInnes

VoC and CX Leaders Report Bullish Forecasts

We at Allegiance recently hosted the second annual VoCFusion conference, which brought together more than 300 voice of customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) practitioners – roughly half of which were Allegiance clients – as well as thought leaders like Nate Silver, Bruce Temkin, and Esteban Kolsky, and veteran vendors from firms like Ernst & Young, Ipsos Loyalty, and Waypoint Group. During the event, Allegiance CEO Carine Clark asked attendees to gauge the current and future states of their programs in a short survey (…surprise, surprise…). The responses show that most practitioners have achieved moderate results already but see their best days ahead as their programs increase in scope and scale. Here are some specific findings along with my interpretations...

June 5, 2013 Andrew McInnes