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Allegiance Welcomes Veteran Marketer Carine Clark as President and CEO

We are very excited to announce that Carine Clark will join Allegiance as president and CEO, effective January 2, 2013. Formerly SVP and CMO for Symantec, Carine has twenty five years of experience building successful software companies.

As an experienced CMO, Carine knows what CMOs and the C-suite need, and what keeps them up at night. She recognizes that Allegiance can become a game changer and drive the trend toward customer empowerment with technology that helps companies achieve greater customer experience insight.

Allegiance’s founder and current CEO, Adam Edmunds, has been working to get Carine on the team for over a year. He is thrilled to work with her to bring the company to the next level. Adam will remain actively involved as a member of the board of directors and will lead the company’s expanding partner and business development initiatives.

With every Fortune 100 business looking for ways to capitalize on customer feedback and empower employees, Allegiance’s combination of operational data and VOC data, along with data mining capability, give businesses the ability to make quick decisions that improves the customer experience.

Carine and the Allegiance team look forward to working with our customers and partners to help companies create relevant and lasting customer programs that make a difference.

For more detailed information about this exciting announcement, see the official press release.