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Can you spot excellent customer service? Have you ever left a store and felt your experience wasn’t quite as good as it probably could have been? Become a MaritzCX mystery shopper and help businesses shape their customer experience.

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You Decide When, Where, and How You Want to Work

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When you become a mystery shopper for MaritzCX, you’ll act as the eyes and ears of the stores you shop at, giving them valuable insight into where they got it right and where they need to improve their customer experience. Ultimately, what you do will enhance the shopping experience for everyone.

So, get your mystery shopping career started by signing up today. Once approved, we’ll provide you with mystery shopping opportunities near you and the details you need to get started. You’ll then report your findings back to MaritzCX through our app or shopper portal. Signing up is easy and free!

Let’s work together to help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences!