Act before you even have to ask

Anticipate your customers’ needs with confidence

PredictionCX™ enables you to take action with confidence as customer experiences unfold. Take the information provided by survey respondents and apply that knowledge to your entire customer base using dormant stockpiles of organic customer data. What was once a limited view of respondents will evolve into a clear picture of which customers to engage and what you can do to win their loyalty—and their business.

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PredictionCX will help you:

  • Increase the value of your customer data
  • Apply insights to your entire customer base – at the individual level
  • Supercharge your closed loop programme
  • Boost customer retention
  • Improve actionable opportunities well beyond the respondent population
  • Proactively recover at-risk customers
  • Capitalise on opportunities to sell new products and services

For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent.

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Predictive Customer Experience

Stop obsessing over response rates

Declining survey response rates, the potential for biased data, and customers who expect stellar service as a matter of course all call for a new approach to gauging sentiment. By building a predictive model that combines small doses of hard response data with all known attributes about the rest of the customer base, PredictionCX enables organisations to predict customers who need intervention, even if they haven’t asked for it. This means you can maximise the value of your existing response data rather than spending your efforts fishing for more.

Recover customers you didn’t know you were going to lose

Predictive modelling for CX combines survey data with organic customer data to apply insights to individual customers, whether or not they responded to a survey. This process allows you to identify customers at risk of leaving, even if they’ve never told you so. In other words, it lends colour and humanity to the customer experience—and allows you to inject the same into your response. The result is not only the ability to identify specific customers most in need of proactive intervention, but to pinpoint those whose loyalty represents the highest value to your organisation.

Predicting the sentiment of your most valuable customers with a high degree of accuracy can easily yield millions in revenue through targeted recovery.
Predicting the sentiment of your most valuable customers with a high degree of accuracy can easily yield millions in revenue through targeted recovery.

Let the power of one influence the whole

While competing technologies may help you group customers together or identify statistical drivers, only PredictionCX allows you to append insights at the individual level; and in real-time. With detailed operational data at the individual customer level, you have the power to spawn one-to-one case management initiatives, launch one-to-many marketing campaigns, and provide the insight that informs organisational policy and decision making. The result? Proactive intervention with individual customers, as well as the ability to supercharge your CX focus overall.

Make PredictionCX Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

PredictionCX is a game-changing resource for customer experience programmes. Become one of the first in your industry to predict customer satisfaction and take swift action on an individual, channel, or policy level, before your customers even have time to react. You’ll wonder how you ever achieved success without it.

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