Your Patient and Participant Experience Program
with Modern Technology and Research

Your Patient Experience Program
with Modern Technology and Research


Your Patient and Participant Experience Program
with Modern Technology and Research

MaritzCX has received CMS-certification for HCAHPS surveys, becoming the industry’s first CX platform company to offer an inclusive CX-Based Patient and Participant Experience Platform. We bring a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge from healthcare as well as the CX industry to inform improvement and action plans. Our comprehensive approach allows you to design, diagnose and deliver a more personal experience.

Complete Patient Experience Solutions

  • Understand Patient Journey
  • Create Flexible Measurement
  • Tailor to the Unique Patient
  • Connected Patient View
  • Plan Patient Recovery Strategy
  • Implement Strategic Action
  • Connected Patient Care
  • Increased Patient Loyalty
  • Improved Reputation

Amplify the Success of Your Patient Experiences

Break the Mould

Customisation from
self-serve to full-serve

You can break the mould on your current surveys and reporting with the ability to customise and change surveys and reporting options on the fly. You can update survey questions, dashboard views, reports, and distribution options directly within our platform – on your own or with the support of our experts.

Govern the Journey

Maintain consistency across
surveys and reporting

We allow you to easily supplement your current programs within one platform, ensuring consistency in overall look and feel and in the ability to understand connections between data, even data from different sources.  You don’t have to worry about losing any of your historical information with MaritzCX.

Enhance the Experience

Action-oriented and

View survey data from your current vendor, HCAHPS, Safety, Quality, employee experience, etc.  alongside operations and financial data for a richer, more complete picture.  You will also receive expertise and services based in Healthcare research and CX best practices aimed at impactful improvement.

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