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One Size Fits All


Why do 4 out of the world’s top 5 auto manufacturers depend on MaritzCX? Find out how our automotive industry experts use multiple data sources, sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analyses, and real-time customer feedback to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Financial Services

Customer retention and share of wallet are critical metrics in an environment where most consumers view financial products as commodities. With our exceptional team of more than 130 dedicated financial services market research experts serving the world’s best financial services companies, we are in a unique position to help you succeed.


Your competition is always a click away, and your customers know it. Find out how MaritzCX can help you build a modern CX program that goes far beyond point of sale receipt feedback to give frontline employees, managers, and executives the ability to reinforce your brand promise and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Tech & Telecom

It takes a tech company to understand your tech business. Learn how our experienced international team can help you navigate these challenges–by delivering consistently superior customer experiences that boost short-term growth and preserve long-term loyalty.

Business to Business

In today’s fast-changing and highly distributed B2B environments, it can be difficult to even know who your end customers are, let alone how to keep them happy. Find out how MaritzCX can empower your team with CX feedback, reporting, and analytics that are designed specifically to grow loyalty in B2B organizations.

Travel & Hospitality

Today, the quality of the experiences you deliver may be your biggest differentiator. Find out how our advanced research team can provide you with valuable insights into the latest hospitality trends and factors that affect CX. And discover the value of tapping into best practices used by more than 80 dedicated HRG marketing research consultants.

Healthcare & Insurance

New healthcare regulations are driving dramatic industry changes for both healthcare insurers and providers. Learn how our cost-efficient approach goes far beyond traditional surveys to help insurers increase member retention while reducing churn rates, and how providers can grow their patients’ overall satisfaction levels.



See why MaritzCX was named a Leader for Employee Experience Management