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Move Beyond One Data Source per Dashboard

Creating a visual representation of a single survey or data source is useful. But MaritzCX goes much further—by making it easy to combine many different data sources into unified, actionable, and results-focused dashboards. With MaritzCX, you can define and create stunning new views of your data in minutes—and then simply drag and drop to add new sources and channels to existing customer dashboards.

Turn Big Data into Beautiful Customer Dashboards

The MaritzCX platform collects and crunches big data across all of your different CX channels and sources. Then, Dashboards and Reports bring it all to life—with stunning, meaningful visualizations of your entire CX world that anyone in your organization can create and customize in minutes.

Stay Focused on Goals and Results

MaritzCX Dashboards and Reports will keep everyone in your organization focused on actions and results–with the ability to add benchmarks and goals to specific customer dashboards, create detailed “comparison boards” for different departments and employees, and quickly drill down into detailed customer information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes MaritzCX Customer Dashboards and Reports better than other data visualization options?

    Rather than flat, uninspiring, and static views of your CX data, MaritzCX Dashboards and Reports offer you rich, interactive visualizations of customer behavior that you can create and customize in minutes—without waiting on consultants or IT assistance.

  • Who can create MaritzCX Customer Dashboards and Reports?

    Anyone you choose. With MaritzCX, different departments and individuals can quickly create and modify dashboards and reports that focus on specific metrics, insights, and information. It’s a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop process that only takes a few minutes, which empowers everyone in your organization to explore, understand, and improve customer experiences.

  • What types of information can I draw from to create new dashboards and reports?

    Customer Dashboards and Reports are connected directly to the full MaritzCX platform, which means you can instantly access CX data from virtually any source. MaritzCX also makes it easy to add benchmarks, goals, comparison boards, and other types of valuable customer analytics information to your dashboards and reports. All you have to do is drag it, drop it, and enjoy the results.

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