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Develop a smart, effective customer experience blueprint

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Understand and Improve the Complete Customer Lifecycle

MaritzCX Strategy and Design consulting starts with the insights and expertise you need to clearly understand, consistently manage, and continuously improve customer experiences over a lifetime of interactions. This gives you the power to identify your key points of influence early, understand what drives customer satisfaction or attrition, and take decisive action to improve your revenue and growth.

Develop Smart Processes that Lead to Reliable Results

MaritzCX is ready to help you prioritize and focus on the drivers and actions that will have the biggest impact on your business. This includes giving you access to proven benchmarks, world-class analytical tools, and custom research to deliver the best possible return on your CX investment.

Gain a 360-degree View of Your Customers’ Experiences

World-class CX programs know how to combine different points of communication, back-end business processes, and diverse performance measures to deliver a rich, holistic view of the complete customer lifecycle. MaritzCX can help you get there—with an approach that engages every part of your business to provide a true 360-degree view of every customer interaction.


CX First Step Consultation

Before you begin the process of building or overhauling your CX program, expert MaritzCX consultants work with your management team to harmonize organizational goals, align key stakeholders, and set up an effective corporate governance structure for your CX initiatives.

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Organizational CX Assessments

This comprehensive review carefully analyzes all of the factors that affect your ability to delight your customers—and identifies key areas in your organization that hinder or enable the kinds of experiences you’re working to create for your customers.

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VOC Program Assessments

This thorough, detailed review measures the effectiveness of your current Voice of Customer program, including the quality of your VOC analysis, the effectiveness of your surveys and scales, the breadth of your VOC listening posts, and more.

Journey Mapping

This offering creates a powerful visual representation of the journey your customers take with your products, services, and brand. With Journey Mapping, you can identify key moments and evaluation points in your CX process, identify crucial positives and negatives, and measure attitudes and emotions that affect your customers’ impressions and decisions.

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Survey Design and Consulting

Better surveys lead directly to improved CX results. With Survey Design and Consulting, we work with you to design and implement quantitative surveys that perfectly match your needs and requirements. This includes professional design of your online, paper, SMS, or telephone surveys, along with expert advice on scaling, survey wording, effective invitation designs, and more.

Make Strategy and Design Consulting Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

MaritzCX Strategy and Design consulting is a fully integrated piece of the MaritzCX platform, which means it works with a comprehensive suite of software and services to drive improvements in customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What specific offerings does MaritzCX Strategy and Design consulting include?

    A typical engagement includes some combination of Customer Journey Mapping, Organizational CX Assessments, CX Program Design Workshops, Organizational Blueprinting, Action Planning, Front Line CX Workshops, VoC Program Assessments, Linking CX to Business Results Studies, and VoC integration.

  • What does an effective CX blueprint look like?

    A smart, effective CX blueprint defines the dynamic connections between company practices, employee actions, customer perceptions, customer behaviors, and business outcomes. With the right kind of blueprint in place, you can understand how your company’s actions translate into lived customers experiences—and how those experiences motivate decisions, impact revenues, and affect other business outcomes.

  • What’s the best way to get started with Strategy and Design consulting?

    Contact a MaritzCX representative to get started. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and apply the best mix of offerings to the unique CX needs and priorities of your business.

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