Work with the Best to Design Your Program

When you choose MaritzCX, you tap into a deep pool of CX professionals, best practice gurus, and technology experts who will work with you to define your objectives and design a CX program that delivers tangible results.


Discover the Power of Data

MaritzCX is standing by to help you collect more data from more customer touchpoints—whether it’s implementing new survey and data collection tools, leveraging information from your existing systems, or both.


Bring all the Pieces Together

After you collect the data, the MaritzCX technology platform brings it all together, unifies it, and makes sure you can use it to respond to customers more quickly to improve your business outcomes.


Move from Raw Data to Business-Changing Insights

With solid data gathering processes and technology in place, it’s time to transform all of that static information into meaningful, actionable insights. MaritzCX provides both the expertise and technology you need to do that—with advanced analytics, proven data mining processes, our patented Spotlight data mining tool, and much more.


Close the loop: See clearly. Respond instantly.

The MaritzCX technology platform makes sure important insights never get lost in the shuffle—with a complete case management solution that allows your CX team to see and respond to social, survey, and operational alerts in seconds.


Empower Every Member of your Team

How many different people in your organization impact customer experiences? MaritzCX makes sure all of them have the tools, information, and insights they need to improve your products, processes, and policies—from your CEO to front-line call center employees and everyone in between.


Keep Building and Improving

CX is a continuous, ongoing process, and MaritzCX gives you all the tools and resources you need to keep making progress. This includes training resources, live events, and an active support community. It also includes the flexibility to start small with your CX program—and then grow and expand over time.



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