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Survey Program Solutions

Creating productive conversations with your customers.

What makes a strong, successful survey program?

Some claim that surveys are becoming less important and relevant, but most industry experts agree that there is still simply no better way to understand what customers are thinking and feeling. Today, surveys are also about more than simply collecting and measuring customers’ preferences and opinions. With the right solution and approach, surveys can open productive new lines of communication with your customers, show them that you understand and care about their opinions and preferences, and help you gain deep insights to improve your business.

The most successful programs combine many different types of surveys—transactional, relationship, self-serve, and ad-hoc surveys to name just a few—with the ability to quickly deploy them across a wide variety of traditional, email, online, and social media channels. Your survey program solution should also give you the flexibility to leverage and combine different types of survey questions and approaches, including open- and close-ended, multiple choice, scale, or simple yes/no questions.

Finally, your survey builder program should include the ability to combine and quickly analyze survey data from many different sources, so you can convert the flood of raw survey data you’re receiving into useful and relevant business insights.

How will an effective survey program help my organization?

Surveys are a crucial component of any successful Customer Experience (CX) or Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. By making surveys an integral, unified part of your larger CX efforts, you can identify customer issues and trends earlier, respond more quickly, and turn everyday customer experiences into key competitive advantages.

When you actively reach out and seek input from customers—and then respond to that feedback in meaningful ways—you create a positive dynamic where customers feel invested in your business and become strong, vocal advocates for your products.

Building an effective survey program solution



Surveys are most effective when they’re part of a complete, integrated CX solution. With MaritzCX, you can take advantage of advanced survey building, analysis, and reporting tools to create a world-class survey program. But you can also connect those tools to broader CX capabilities and resources. This includes:

  • Experienced CX and survey experts who can help you define key objectives and design survey programs that deliver tangible results.
  • Comprehensive data collection tools that make it possible to gather survey results quickly and combine them with customer data from other sources.
  • A flexible, powerful technology platform that brings data from all these different sources together, unifies it, and turns it into actionable information and business changing insights.
  • Case management tools that allow you to see and respond to survey results instantly, close the feedback loop, and make sure important insights never get lost in the shuffle.
  • Targeted tools, reports, and information that transform survey results into improves products, processes, and policies.
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