ActionCX from MaritzCX Turns Customer Feedback into Company-Wide Change

– Tight integration with CX platform helps businesses proactively drive customer-focused organizational change –

SALT LAKE CITY – August 3, 2016 – MaritzCX, a global customer experience (CX) software and services company, today announced the availability of ActionCX™, an integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for turning customer feedback into actionable, company-wide insights that can stimulate change across the organization. ActionCX helps businesses expand from reactive, response-focused actions to institutional improvements that drive customer centricity.

Every organization works to remediate individual customer issues — whether through a formal case management solution or good-faith efforts by employees. Organizations that differentiate on the basis of CX go further by using individual customer feedback to make systemic improvements that prevent issues in the first place. By combining technology, best practices and deep CX expertise, ActionCX from MaritzCX enables precisely this evolution, helping organizations use action plans to drive organizational change and improve customer focus at the source.

“Action plans are a great way to improve our customer experience by focusing attention on specific touch points,” said Gregory Young, director of brand engagement at Mazda Canada. “Good action plans will capitalize on the wealth of data within our customer experience platform.”

With full integration into the MaritzCX Platform, ActionCX uses customer feedback—reflected in dynamic, customized reports and dashboards—to identify opportunities for organizational improvement. The product also helps teams track priorities, document plans for improvement, collaborate around those plans and accurately measure their progress over time. This allows active engagement from everyone in the organization — from the frontline to the executive boardroom — to foster continuous CX improvement company-wide.

“Closing the loop on individual customer problems is great, but it’s only the first step to becoming a customer-focused organization,” said Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX. “ActionCX has the potential to make organizations more customer-focused at their core. It’s ability to create insights that can drive organization-wide change fills a critical gap that has been limiting the effectiveness of CX programs today.”

ActionCX from MaritzCX helps organizations:

  • Complement individual customer feedback and case management practices with broad organizational change initiatives.
  • Align and unify practices, processes, people and culture around the most pressing customer issues.
  • Develop customized, best practice CX action plans that perfectly fit the needs and goals of the organization.
  • Provide everyone in the organization with the detailed information they need to continuously track and improve customer experiences.

MaritzCX offers not only the technology, but the services and expertise to help companies successfully implement ActionCX and ensure sound organizational improvement strategies. This includes helping businesses to better understand the factors that most directly affect customers’ experiences, assessing performance against industry or regional benchmarks, and linking CX measures with financial performance. In addition, MaritzCX experts have three decades of experience facilitating institutional change and business success with clients in a variety of industries.



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