Video Surveys

Enhance the survey experience with personalised video

Increase survey response rates up to 300% with engaging, personalised video surveys

  • Lower survey fatigue

  • Heighten customer engagement

  • Increase NPS

  • Drive loyalty

  • Automate Action

Create surveys that get responses

Video is a powerful tool that enables you to increase survey participation throughout the customer journey through relevant, engaging media. Personalised video survey invitations earn you the right to receive customer and employee feedback, via an automated real person who speaks to the customer personally.

Automate action based on real-time scores

Using personalised video, you can automatically close the loop with dissatisfied customers whilst demonstrating the correct level of human empathy. Dynamically set rules based on survey question responses which trigger an immediate response from your brand ambassador.

Build intimate connections with your customers and employees

Customers and employees feel you care enough to address them by name in video, bringing them closer to your brand. This is proven to create a connection, building a strong relationship with customers from the beginning of their journey with you.

Increase your survey response rates with personalised video.



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