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What’s the value of a great customer experience? And what’s that value spread across an entire organization and every customer? The power of a modern customer experience (CX) program is that it delivers more than just scores or metrics to a few people; it enables highly-valuable business goals like financial performance and customer retention to flourish.

Today’s CX teams and business leaders demand more from their CX initiatives. They need programs that drive higher business impact through better strategy and program design, broader data collection, and faster insights and action. This book is a collection of CX best practices designed to unlock the value of any CX program, at any stage of maturity, and in any industry.

More than 26 experts share ideas and best practices. Chapters include:

  • The Multi-Dimensional Modern Customer: Kerry Bodine
  • Bring Personalization to CX: Michelle Roseman-Turner
  • Delighting Without Asking: Charlotte Blank
  • Are You Really Hearing What Today’s Customers Are Saying?: Jeanne Bliss
  • Is Omni-Channel the Unicorn of Modern CX?: Jennifer Passini Ph.D.
  • An Emotional View of a Customer’s Experiences: Kurt Pflughoeft Ph.D., Funda Whitaker
  • Reliant Q&A: Fanatic About Making Customer Experience Part of Its DNA: Suzie Deith, Scott Burns
  • Four Steps to Differentiate Yourselves From the Pack: Chris Neeson
  • Eastern Bank and Bangor Savings Bank Q&A: Banks’ Partnership Inspires Greater CX Success: Joyce Clark Sarnacki and Rich Dorfman
  • H. Robinson Q&A: A CX Program Designed to Surface Customer Trends and Needs: Matt Ostrowski
  • NextGen’s Healthcare’s VoC Program Improve Client Retention and Strengthens Client Loyalty: Jacqui Darcy
  • 7 Steps and Tools to Avoid Brand Erosion During Organizational Transformation: Jason Goldberg
  • 5 Methodologies to Kick-Start Your CX Program: Kurt Pflughoeft Ph.D.
  • The New Evolution of CX: Measuring and Assessing CX Maturity in the Modern World: Lisa Pohlman London
  • Building a CX Program for CX Success: Matt Inman & Stacy Bolger
  • Engagement and Loyalty—Why Employees are Your Best Customer Advocates: Kimberly Abel-Lanier & Dan Hickey Ph.D.
  • Dashboard and Reporting Techniques to Visually Communicate Complex Data: Evelin Kremer & Karel Mette
  • Getting Real Business Value from Customer Journey Mapping: Joe Wheeler
  • Taking Action on Customer Feedback: Dave Ensing Ph.D.
  • Software Solutions for Touchpoint Management: Christopher Harms & Oliver Skeide

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This book is a collection of CX best practices designed to unlock the value of any CX program, at any stage of maturity, and in any industry.




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