Storytelling with Experience Data Webinar

Drive Change by Effectively Communicating CX Feedback

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Storytelling with experience data is one of the most essential components to the success of your CX or EX program. Collecting customer and employee feedback has become table stakes, however, the potential impact and opportunity are easily lost if this data does not convert into actions.

At this webinar, you will learn the science and art of telling powerful stories to supercharge CX initiatives around the business.


  • Key strategies for engaging storytelling
  • How to affect change with experience data
  • Create dashboards and reports that inspire action
  • Practical tips for creating an engaging story from data
  • Communication strategies for showcasing CX results to different stakeholders

Get to Know the Presenters:

Gillian Mackay

Gillian Mackay
Director, Strategic Consulting, A/NZ

Gillian Mackay leads consulting services in MaritzCX APAC region and works with clients to drive business success through designing and delivering impactful and sustainable customer experience programs. Gillian is an experienced certified Net Promoter practitioner and has designed and implemented successful customer advocacy programs and shared learnings and best practice internationally.

Before joining MaritzCX, Gillian designed, implemented and led the voice of customer program at Insurance Australia Group, Australia and New Zealand’s largest insurer. During her time at IAG, Gillian delivered a customer experience program across IAG’s Asian businesses. Gillian also has extensive client-side experience in the telecommunications and media industries.

Kiri Burgess

Kiri Burgess
Senior CX Consultant, A/NZ

Kiri Burgess is a Senior CX Consultant at MaritzCX APAC who brings real-life experience combined with best practice thinking to develop and drive forward the CX capability of our clients. Successfully listening, learning and acting on feedback that drives positive change for customers and employees whilst delivering healthier financial and business results is Kiri’s focus.

Before joining MaritzCX, Kiri was Head of Customer Insights at Foxtel where she designed, implemented and led its Voice of Customer program. A core focus in this role was ensuring action, accountability and visibility for customer improvement initiatives. Kiri also drove consumer insights to all areas of the organisation, including future trends and changing consumer expectations.

Justin Rehayem

Justin Rehayem
Solutions Designer

Justin Rehayem is a Solutions Designer at MaritzCX APAC who brings years of industry experience to deliver best practice experience in dashboard design. Justin works with our clients to visualise customer experience data in an engaging format to ensure actionable insights can be unearthed in a timely manner. Coming from an insight background in retail, automotive and e-commerce, Justin is skilled in deriving insights from data and creating a story to spur change within a business.

Before joining MaritzCX, Justin was the Customer Reporting & Insights Analyst at the newly created Woolworths Customer Hub that handles 60,000 contacts per week. Justin was responsible for implementing and designing a new reporting suite across its eight brands, rolling out interactive dashboards to its 500+ staff to track contact behaviour, customer sentiment and operational performance. Justin was also responsible for analysing customer contact behaviour and feedback to identify pain points in the customer journey, and customer insights packs reported to the Executive Leadership Team.



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