Moving Beyond Metrics

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Turning Patient Data into World-class Experiences

Standardised survey programs can offer valuable insights for healthcare organizations, but focusing too much attention on any single metric can lead to neglecting the bigger patient experience picture. In this whitepaper, we cover how to:

  1. Shift your focus from chasing metrics to providing better, more complete experiences for your patients.
  2. Measure everything that matters to understand the complete patient journey.
  3. Turn data into immediate action and results.
  4. Choose to play by different rules by embracing a more diverse and personalized approach to patient feedback.

91% of consumers agree that overall patient experience is extremely or very important to them—and has a significant impact on their healthcare decisions. Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience 2018, — Beryl Institute

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In early 2020 InMoment and MaritzCX joined forces, bringing together two pioneers in the experience industry to create one company united in our efforts to bring years of customer and employee experience expertise to our clients. We are committed to improving the way businesses compete and thrive in the experience economy by providing a unique combination of experience intelligence technology and strategic services that lead to informed action — transforming the moments that really matter to the business, its employees, and its customers while driving high value and high return.

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