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Whether you’re just getting started with your CX efforts or you have a well-developed CX programme, businesses of all levels need to improve their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. How do you achieve short-term financial results and lay the foundation for long-term customer retention and business success?

Join CMSWire with Michael Allenson, Senior Strategic Consulting Director with MaritzCX, to learn about the importance of having a CX health check. Discover how an annual strategic planning assessment can drive CX and business improvements, and that it is never too late to assess and evaluate your company’s CX health with processes, tools and cultural components that differentiate successful companies.

Learn how to:

Set Up a Yearly CX Health Check

  • Benchmark your CX health against your own past performance and other companies in your industry
  • Learn about the CX processes, tools and cultural components that differentiate companies that are most successful in their CX efforts

Tie Your CX Improvement Strategies to Business Outcomes

  • Determine how and if your efforts are influencing desired financial and business outcomes
  • Use linkage analysis to create a dynamic platform for CX improvement

Set Strategic Goals and Action Plans

  • Set targets and goals based on your strategic priorities
  • Identify specific actions that will enable achievement of priorities

Michael will let you know how you can take a free CX “Self-assessment” to pinpoint your company and programme needs and processes that can have a quick and early impact on your CX programme.

Michael Allenson is a Senior Strategic Consulting Director with MaritzCX. Michael helps companies understand how they can design and implement CX management programmes that improve the customer experience while also driving the growth of their businesses.  For the past 25 years, he has consulted with companies on strategic marketing, the customer experience, and consumer behavior.


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