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Follow the CX Tea Leaves

A Case Study About Capitalising on Small Wins for Agility and Growth

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Unifying the customer experience across every channel doesn’t necessarily have to start with a fully baked, end-to-end CX plan. In many cases, the best evolution happens as you follow the proverbial tea leaves—reading what the future holds and letting each initiative guide you to the next.

Learn how C.H. Robinson is building small wins into big wins and adapting to feedback with an agility that moves the needle on key metrics for business performance.

In this webinar, C.H. Robinson will expound on key takeaways that are applicable to CX programmes in infancy and adulthood, including:

  • Understanding CX trends through listening to customers, and doing your research to infuse your learning into ongoing initiatives
  • Leveraging the low-hanging fruit into quick wins that will build internal support
  • Enlisting influencers from the right places within your organisation
  • Encountering and overcoming resistance to your CX programme plan
  • A tactical plan to communicating with stakeholders and customers to share a vision

Learn from C.H. Robinson’s experience and don’t wait for hundreds of thousands of data points or survey responses before you act—reading what the future holds step-by-step, and adjusting with open-minded agility can be the key to elevating your customer journey.

Matt Ostrowski

Matt Ostrowski currently serves as the Director of Customer Experience & Technology at C.H. Robinson based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  In this role, he is responsible for enterprise wide projects that help improve organisational performance and development.  This includes implementation of C.H. Robinson’s Go To Market strategy, Customer Experience as well as various other projects and technologies aligned with Customer Growth and Service across the organisation.  Prior to this role, Matt served as the Director of EMEA Global Forwarding, and spent 5 years based in London, England and Amsterdam, Netherlands managing European operations and acquisitions.  Before moving abroad, Matt lead Ocean and Air Procurement for Europe and Latin America based in Eden Prairie and earlier served as the Manager of C.H. Robinson’s Detroit Global Forwarding operations, where he began his career with the company in 1991. Matt attended Eastern Michigan University and graduated from Schoolcraft College with a degree in Liberal Arts.


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