B2B Guide to VoC: Delighting the Customer in a B2B Environment

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Customer churn is a serious issue, and in a B2B context, churn can mean the difference between expanding your office and turning out the lights for good. When a customer is quite literally worth millions, retention is imperative. A good VoC program can provide the nurture necessary to not only keep established customers but make them happy, too.

In marketing a VoC program internally, you need both executive and grassroots buy-in for complete implementation. In order to create a customer-centric culture, the story of your B2B clients must be communicated effectively and powerfully.

This document is a how-to guide for navigating the B2B, VoC landscape. In it, we uncover the secrets to telling this client story as we examine the following:

  • Key differences between B2B and B2C
  • How to effectively leverage your sales team
  • How to democratize real-time customer feedback
  • Why follow-up with client promises is critical
  • How to use VoC technology to powerfully tell the story of your client for company-wide buy-in

Hear your client’s voice, win their business.


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