Digital CX Transformation

Build a smart, effective, and unified CX programme for your digital business

Your business is transforming. What about your CX programme?

In an increasingly digital world, you need a CX programme that can support incredibly complex customer journeys across a diverse and growing mix of traditional and digital touchpoints. MaritzCX is ready to help you meet these tough new requirements, stay ahead of rising customer expectations, and build long-term loyalty in the digital age.

Our Digital CX services and solutions combine information from all your traditional and digital touchpoints into a cohesive, actionable, 360-degree view of your customers.

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How Will Digital CX Capabilities Improve Business Results?

Digital CX technologies and services from MaritzCX are ready to help you:

  • Manage complex customer journeys
  • Build a more effective, holistic CX digital program
  • Realise advantages of a “Digital Ready” CX platform
  • Combine diverse traditional and digital channels
  • Collect, analyse and act on data across all touchpoints

Embracing CX Transformation in the Digital Age

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5 Steps to Kick-Start the Digital CX Transformation

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What Makes an Organisation a Leader in the Digital Age?

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Transforming Customer Feedback into Digital Improvements

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Meet Your Trusted Digital CX Transformation Partner

When you partner with MaritzCX, you tap directly into the expertise, processes, tools, and technology you need to combine traditional and digital touchpoints into a complete, unified, 360-degree view of your customers:


Enabling Digital CX Transformation with a Smart Technology Platform

MaritzCX is ready to help you move confidently toward a more effective CX program that’s designed for the digital age. Here are a few of the solutions and services MaritzCX can offer your business:

Together, these offerings reveal all the different traditional and digital interaction points you need to integrate into your CX programme—and show how they should work together to create unified customer experiences. MaritzCX is standing by to complement your in-house expertise, offer unbiased perspectives, and provide proven services and methodologies to help you assess your current situation and design a successful Digital CX programme.

CX Assessment

This comprehensive review carefully analyses all the factors that affect your ability to delight customers across digital and traditional touchpoints-and identifies key areas that have the greatest influence on the experiences you create for them. With a MaritzCX Assessment, you can establish the accurate baseline you need to measure future progress-and gain a holistic, objective view of exactly where you need to invest to move up the Digital CX maturity curve.

Journey Mapping

This exercise-which often takes place in conjunction with an overall CX assessment-creates a powerful visual representation of the complete journey your customers take with your products, services, and brand across traditional and digital touchpoints. With a complete Journey Map, you can uncover the key moments and evaluation points in your CX processes, identify positives and negatives, and measure attitudes and emotions that affect your customers’ impressions and decisions.

CX Design

Before you begin the process of transforming your CX programme, MaritzCX can help you harmonise your organisational goals, align key stakeholders, and set up an effective corporate governance structure around your Digital CX initiatives. We will work closely with you to design a CX programme that meets your objectives and requirements as you complete your digital transformation.


Blueprinting works to measure the impact of specific experiences on your customers’ attitudes and behaviors. This information allows you to accurately identify the people, policies, procedures, processes, and tools that will make the biggest positive impact on every customer’s journey-whether it’s in a store, online, or both.

Enabling Digital CX Transformation with a Smart Technology Platform

Planning and people play an essential role in any successful Digital CX programme. But you also need a CX technology platform that fully supports your digital goals. MaritzCX is a next-generation technology platform and family of CX services that are designed to collect data from any traditional or digital source, normalise it, and feed it all into the same standardised, best practice CX framework. This makes it possible to measure, analyse, prioritise, and take action in ways that drive continuous CX improvement across your digital enterprise. This includes:

Collecting and combining data from every touchpoint

The MaritzCX platform provides a centralized technology engine that can collect, normalise, analyse, and visualise CX data from virtually any digital or traditional touchpoint—including telephone, mail, email, web, SMS, social, and more. This technology core is built on a highly scalable architecture, incorporates the latest big data and cloud-based technology, and provides all the tools and integration points you need to meet your most ambitious CX objectives.

Adding new data sources without relying on IT

The MaritzCX Platform includes built-in self-service capabilities that allow anyone in your organisation to add new data sources, design enterprise surveys, create reports, manage sample, administer users, and much more – with minimal training and without involving IT.

Building efficient, consistent governance into your digital CX programme

As your CX programme expands into the digital world, MaritzCX allows you to control and manage that process—so you never overuse intercept surveys and other digital CX tools, duplicate efforts, and annoy customers.

Transforming raw CX data into meaningful insights

With the MaritzCX Platform, you can make sure that every byte of customer data you gather contributes to a dynamic body of actionable information. This includes a collection of text analytics capabilities, data mining tools, and social CX solutions that allow you to convert massive amounts of unstructured digital feedback into useful, normalized insights.

Closing the loop with active case management for digital channels

Manually searching through and responding to thousands of social media posts and comments about your business is virtually impossible. The MaritzCX platform automates and simplifies this process—by using text analytics to automatically find comments and reviews that need attention, turn them into active CX cases, assign them to the right people, and track their progress.

Make Digital CX Part of Your Comprehensive CX Programme Today

Digital Transformation has already become a business imperative. MaritzCX is ready to help you complete your Digital CX transformation quickly and smoothly, with the expertise, technology, and proven methodologies you need to build and maintain a mature, effective CX programme in the digital age.

Learn more about how MaritzCX services and the MaritzCX platform can enable and accelerate the Digital Transformation of your entire CX programme. MaritzCX provides a comprehensive suite of services and software that’s designed to support the goals and requirements of your digital business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will Digital CX Transformation ultimately benefit my organisation?

    MaritzCX provides the processes, best practices, and technology tools you need to align all your traditional and digital CX and VoC efforts around a single unified objective. This makes it possible to combine and unify all the customer feedback from traditional and digital touchpoints—and turn it into concrete business results.

  • Exactly what does the MaritzCX Digital Transformation offering include?

    The MaritzCX Digital Transformation offering includes a flexible mix of consulting services and technology solutions—all focused on helping you build a consistent, unified global CX programme for your digital business.

  • How long does a MaritzCX Digital Transformation engagement typically last?

    The answer varies depending on what you need. In most cases, an initial consultation lasts about 4-6 weeks. And of course, our technology tools are always available to you for as long as you need them.

Start building your Digital CX Transformation today.



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