CX Governance

Align everyone in your organization around a unified CX objective

Why Governance is So Important to the Success of Your CX Program

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Align Every Aspect of Your CX Program Around a Unified Objective

Today more than ever, your success depends on how well you listen, understand, and respond to your customers. But how do you do that consistently in a digital world where feedback can come from hundreds of different sources—and where virtually anyone in your organization can reach out to customers whenever they choose? The answer is a strong, effective Governance framework that defines best CX practices for your entire organization and then applies them consistently across every department, business unit, and region in your global enterprise.

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How Will Governance Improve Your CX Results?

CX Governance uses a deliberate, structured approach to help you:

  • Develop and apply consistent best practices
  • Mitigate the risks of isolated, ad-hoc CX and VoC initiatives
  • Take advantage of reliable benchmarks to accurately measure your CX progress
  • Build a strong foundation that translates CX investments into measurable business results

Meet Your Trusted CX Governance Partner

When you partner with MaritzCX, you tap directly into the expertise, processes, tools, and technology you need to add consistency and drive results through the structured governance of your CX program—no matter how large or diverse your organization becomes. We’re the only CX company that combines the expertise, proven methodologies, and advanced CX technology tools you need to add a complete, effective governance strategy to your CX program.

Four Practical Stages for Effective CX Governance

Bringing dozens (or hundreds) of different CX channels, programs, and initiatives together into a single, well-governed CX framework can feel like an overwhelming task—especially for large, complex enterprises. We use a proven 4-stage approach to make effective CX governance a practical, achievable goal for your organization.

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Stage 1: Create a Strategic CX Governance Leadership Team

Every successful CX Governance effort begins with a smart, capable team. We will guide you through the process of identifying, organizing, and preparing a CX Governance Council with the appropriate mix of executive, business, and operational experience. This team will work with MaritzCX experts to design a best practice governance framework model for your business, make a strong case for the ongoing funding and administration of your CX Governance program, and develop an effective change management process. These efforts will also provide a detailed roadmap to build and deploy a personalized CX governance solution.

Stage 2: Build and Deploy a Tactical Governance Solution

With a strategic CX Governance plan in place, we will work with your team to create and deploy the detailed framework and rules that drive CX consistency, alignment, and action across your entire organization. This includes supporting your governance efforts by leveraging proven CX processes and technology.

Stage 3: Train and Educate Your Customers, Partners, and Employees

With a solid CX Governance framework and actionable rules in place, it’s time to bring all of your key stakeholders up to speed—including employees, business partners, and customers. This involves working with us to develop a training and communication plan that makes sure your CX Governance framework—and the rules and technology tools that support it—are being applied and communicated consistently across every part of your business.

Stage 4: Launch and Maintain your CX Governance Program

Successfully launching a company-wide CX program with a governance framework is an ambitious undertaking. MaritzCX will make sure you succeed—by developing and implementing a launch plan that takes a holistic view of your entire organization, leaves room for inevitable adjustments and course corrections, and accommodates change requests from individual departments and regions along the way. This cascading, learn-as-you-go approach allows you to continually adapt and adjust your implementation plan to achieve the best possible results.

Supporting Your CX Governance Efforts with the Right Technology Platform

Planning and people play an essential role in any CX Governance solution. But you also need a CX technology platform that can fully support the needs and goals of your governance framework. We provide the platform—the technology that provides everything you need for good CX Governance. This includes:

CX Governance access rights

Access Rights Management so you can grant and limit access to specific features and capabilities based on whether people are properly trained, and you give the appropriate access to them based on what they need to do their jobs.

A Centralized, Customizable CX Governance Dashboard that makes it easy for business and operational leaders to see and track the effects of your governance framework on CX program results, quickly identify gaps and problems, and take fast action to correct them.

Survey Template Libraries that facilitate and support your efforts to use consistent, effective surveys across regions and departments.

Opt-Out Analysis Capabilities that examine opt out behaviors to identify trends and spot problematic CX surveys and activities.

Sample Rules that can be set within and across surveys. This makes it easy to avoid inadvertent survey overlap and oversampling.

Engaging with the MaritzCX Governance Team

1: Governance Workshop

Host a facilitated governance workshop; to create tailored governance charters, plans, processes, and cadences for your organization; and to define specific best practices for your governance program. This will help you identify the people, processes, technology, and metrics you need for an effective CX governance program.

2: Governance Audit

Conduct a governance audit to create a detailed playbook that includes rules, survey libraries, templates, and other assets. This engagement will help you align and drive effective, consistent governance across all of your disparate CX and VoC measurement programs.

3: Implementation Experts

Work directly with our experienced CX Governance experts to successfully implement and administer your global CX Governance program and strategy. Work with us to outline your plan by hosting a governance workshop and/or audit, and we’ll provide the people and expertise you need to be successful.

Build Governance into Every Aspect of Your CX Program

With the MaritzCX platform, you get a comprehensive suite of services and software that’s designed to add strong, effective governance to every aspect of your CX program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will CX Governance ultimately benefit my organization?

    CX Governance provides the processes, best practices, and technology tools you need to align all your disparate CX and VoC efforts around a single unified objective. This makes it possible to turn all the customer feedback from around your organization into concrete business results.

  • What does the MaritzCX Governance offering include?

    The MaritzCX Governance offering includes a flexible mix of consulting services and technology solutions—all focused on helping you build a consistent, unified global CX program.

  • How long does a MaritzCX Governance engagement typically last?

    The answer varies depending on what you need. In most cases, the initial Governance Consultation lasts about 4-6 weeks. And of course, our governance technology tools are always available to you for as long as you need them.

Start building governance into your CX program today.



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