MaritzCX named a Leader

for Employee Experience Management


InMoment & MaritzCX Join Forces

Combined Company will Deliver Extraordinary Capabilities

to Drive Results for the World's Leading Brands

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InMoment & MaritzCX Join Forces


Combined Company will Deliver Extraordinary Capabilities to Drive Results for the World’s Leading Brands

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Future-proof your Employee Experience program in uncertain times

Our (Not-So-) Secret Sauce

It’s a ‘yin and yang’ thing. The most successful customer and employee experience programs have great technology, research and consulting services working in concert to drive better results. While others may try to do this, MaritzCX delivers the goods daily.


A global platform for complex, multi-program, omni-channel experience management programs at scale.

Enterprise Consulting and Research Services

Decades of experience help to overcome every quandary, and capitalise on hidden opportunities.

More Than Surveys and Scores – Action Is the New Boss

Taking the right action on CX and EX insights is a defining trait of an effective experience program. We work with you to map and link every part of your experience program to actions that drive high-impact results.

The Clear Leader of Enterprise Experiences

Enterprise CX and EX requires two areas of expertise, not just one. Industry ranking reports only one company, MaritzCX, in both the technology and research services categories.

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Choosing the RIGHT Partner

Choosing the right experience partner can make your life easier. Insist on a CX/EX management partner that has delivered success to the world’s largest enterprises.

SaaS Platform Users

CX Benchmarks with Over 1 Million Responses

Top 20 Ranking of Global Research Firms

Client Retention Rate

Best Practices and Thought Leadership

CXEvolution Benchmark and Guidance

Fast Growth, Profit, and Private

Behavioral Science-Based Products and Services

Drive the Value of Your Experiences Higher

MaritzCX offers experience management technology and research services for big businesses. You deserve customer and employee experience programs that drive high value and high return. We help you achieve increased retention and lifetime value through our software platform integrated with our research services and best practices.

Make Superior Experiences Part of Your Company's DNA

Successful customer experience management is about weaving the voice of every customer and employee into the fabric of your business—and giving everyone in your organisation the power to respond instantly.

Don't Take Our Word for It

The best gauge of success is our clients’ results. Learn how MaritzCX has been delivering results and improving outcomes for hundreds of companies around the world.

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