Our Story

Our Story

Your Partner in Driving High-Value Customer Experience Programs

MaritzCX is customer experience management for big business. We believe organizations need customer experience (CX) programs that drive high value and high return. We help increase customer retention and lifetime value by ingraining customer experience-driven insight and action into the DNA of business operations. With a unique combination of CX software, data and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services, only MaritzCX offers a full-service, professional CX approach to continuously improve the customer experience across an enterprise’s customers, employees, prospects, and partners.

Why MaritzCX?

By combining proven customer experience services with a powerful software engine, MaritzCX makes it possible to:

Accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, distributing, and acting on crucial CX information from months to minutes.

Anticipate and influence the trends and triggers that keep customers happy and loyal over the lifetime of a relationship.

Make CX personal with tools, processes, and technology that allow you to treat and serve thousands (or millions) of customers as individuals.

Deliver the right information to the right people, so everyone in your organization can gain instant insights and take appropriate actions–from front-line employees to executive management.

weave CX into operation

Weave CX intelligence into your operational DNA, so you can convert customer feedback directly into meaningful competitive advantage and better business outcomes.


Action is a Defining Trait of Successful CX: We target and continuously improve the actions employees take that impact the customer experience and CX program ROI.