Meet Your All-in-One CX Technology Platform

How will MaritzCX technology transform your customer experience program? First, it turns raw data from dozens of touchpoints into actionable insights in real time. Then, it instantly delivers those insights to everyone in your organization who needs them, so they can take fast action. This makes it possible to know and serve thousands of customers as individuals. It allows every person in your organization to see, understand, and act on customer experiences within minutes. And it makes customer knowledge and accountability a central component of your business operations.

  Survey Builder

Every successful CX program starts with data collection, and MaritzCX leads the industry with a true omni-channel feedback solution. The MaritzCX survey builder starts with industry-leading survey features such as branching design, version control, mobile and tablet compatibility, scoring, and campaign management. It also supports a complete range of specific survey types, including:

  • Ad-hoc surveys
  • Transaction surveys
  • Relationship surveys
  • Mobile/SMS surveys
  • Multi-language survey support
  • Branching design with skip and display logic

  Omni-Channel Data Collection and Integrations

With MaritzCX, you can collect feedback and data from wherever your customers are—and then quickly convert it into key drivers, actionable insights, and important trends. This includes the ability to collect data from:

  • APIs
  • Social Media
  • Operational
  • Mobile
  • IVR
  • Phone

  Dashboards and Reports

MaritzCX dashboards and push reports make it easy to present data beautifully and intuitively—and make it relevant and accessible to the people who need it. Even better, you can create these customized dashboards and push reports in seconds, so everyone gets the data they need, when they need it, in its most useful form. With MaritzCX powerful dashboard and reporting features, you can:

  • Create easy drag and drop dashboards
  • Place multiple surveys on one dashboard
  • Combine operational data with survey data
  • Create beautiful comparison boards
  • Drill into responses to see actual feedback
  • Create daily digest push reports
  • Quickly generate summary reports
  • Create escalation notifications
  • Make dashboards and reports role based, so people only receive the information they care most about
  • Export reports to multiple file types, including inline images, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word

  Text Analytics

Sometimes you get the best insights by simply letting customers talk, but you also need an effective way to organize and correlate this unstructured feedback. MaritzCX provides native text analytics that are based on sophisticated natural language processing technology, so you can quickly turn unstructured feedback into meaningful results that integrate cleanly with your structured data. With MaritzCX, you can take advantage of:

  • One platform for all of your structured and unstructured data
  • Integrated survey and reporting tools
  • Verbatim reading capabilities that provide instant insights
  • Native support for multiple languages

  Data Mining and Analytics

Data is useless unless you can turn it into meaningful insights and actionable information. Spotlight® Data Mining is like getting 1,000 analyst hours at the click of a button. Powered by a sophisticated data-mining algorithm and patented software, Spotlight automatically analyzes every pattern in your datasets and highlights areas that will help you improve your key metrics. With Spotlight Data Mining, you can:

  • Process and analyze big customer data in seconds
  • Uncover high-value insights hidden in your data
  • Eliminate the time and complexity of traditional analysis
  • Free your resources to focus on strategic opportunities
  • Take advantage of built-in correlation analysis

  Case Management

When customers take the time to provide feedback, they expect someone to listen and take action. MaritzCX Case Management provides a comprehensive closed-loop system that allows you to efficiently collect feedback—and then quickly do something about it. This includes:

  • Root cause analysis and reporting
  • Closed loop feedback processing
  • Centralized case management
  • Custom triggers and rules
  • Service recovery performance management

Fast Track Programs

Expertly designed surveys, analytics, reports, and alerts can help you tackle your toughest retention and growth issues quickly and affordably. All Fast Track solutions leverage best practices from proven experts, and are designed to get you up and running in weeks, not months. With a MaritzCX Fast Track program, you can quickly take advantage of industry leading surveys, role-based dashboards and reports, and real-time action alerts.