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Advanced Analytics

Your data + our experts

MaritzCX Advanced Analytics harnesses the world’s most advanced and sophisticated data analysis models and methods to help you anticipate trends, make better decisions in less time, and stay ahead of the competition. These analytics tools and technologies give you the ability to develop and refine your CX strategies, decisions, and programs with surgical precision and impressive results.

Be the First to Identify Important Trends, Patterns, and Predictors

MaritzCX is ready to apply dozens of the best analytical methods to your CX data, so you can uncover important insights and respond to emerging trends before anyone else can. You even have the option of working with our analytical experts to create entirely new models that meet the unique requirements of your business or industry.

Take Advantage of the Latest Academic Research

MaritzCX Advanced Analytics connects you directly to the latest academic research and mathematical innovations in the analytics field—and then uses them to boost the speed and efficiency of your CX program.

Apply the Latest Predictive Models to your CX Data Stream

Advanced Analytics makes your CX data more valuable and responsive—by using predictive models and analytical techniques to identify trends early, make the right decisions quickly, and automate customer outreach before you lose customers and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of analysis are available through the MaritzCX Advanced Analytics service?

MaritzCX Advanced Analytics leverages dozens of methodologies and analytical models to deliver results for your business. These include designed experiments, predictive models, segmentation, perceptual mapping, text analysis, complex statistical testing, psychometric analysis, sample size and power analysis, marketing sciences, and more.

Who develops the analytical methods and models that are used by MaritzCX Advanced Analytics?

The MaritzCX analytics team includes doctorate level researchers, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and other leading academics from around the world. These experts know how to apply the most advanced statistical and analytical techniques—and their decades of collective experience—to your biggest and most pressing CX challenges.

What types of businesses should consider using the MaritzCX Advanced Analytics Service?

If your organization invests in CX research, Advanced Analytics can help you understand and make the most of it. This includes using a broad array of advanced analytical approaches that are designed to solve specific problems. As a result, you can feel confident that you are getting the highest possible return on your CX research investments.

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