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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Voice of the Customer refers to a process or program designed to capture customers’ preferences and opinions, analyze them to gain new business insights, and then share them to create meaningful change.

What is the Voice of the Customer (VoC)?


Voice of the Customer (or Voice of Customer) refers to a process or program designed to capture customer preferences and opinions, analyze them to gain new business insights, and then share them to create meaningful change.

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Most Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs work to collect and unify customer feedback across many different sources, channels, and touch points. This starts with formal structured sources like email and website surveys, customer interviews, focus groups, and other initiatives where companies actively seek feedback from their customers. But the most successful voice of customer programs also incorporate a wide variety of unstructured, customer-initiated feedback, including product reviews on third-party websites, unsolicited comments on social media sites, and customer support inquiries.

Our VoC program gives organizations the Power to Engage®: Capturing and understanding everything your customers say about your company.

By collecting, combining, and sharing feedback from all of these different structured and unstructured sources, VoC programs play a key role in improving products and processes, lowering costs, and increasing customer loyalty.

Voice of the customer programs make it possible for organizations to understand their customers’ preferences and buying decisions at a deeper level—and then quickly respond to their collective feedback in more intelligent, meaningful ways. This allows businesses to quickly identify investments that delight their customers, develop new products and services that directly address their needs, and refine their strategies and processes to maximize satisfaction and profits.

Successful VoC programs can also have an important impact on customer loyalty. Consumers buy from businesses that listen and respond to their needs. Organizations that actively seek meaningful input from their customers—and then react to that feedback in meaningful ways—create a positive dynamic where customers feel invested and become strong, vocal advocates for a business and its products.

Building a complete, effective VoC solution

Today, most companies’ voice of customer efforts are closely linked to their broader Customer Experience Management (CX or CXM) programs. An effective CX implementation typically includes all of the feedback collection, analysis, and distribution capabilities required to manage a comprehensive VoC solution. For example, MaritzCX offers comprehensive CX solutions that include:

  • Comprehensive data collection tools that make it possible to gather feedback from all kinds of structured and unstructured sources—from formal surveys to random unsolicited social media comments.
  • A powerful big data analysis engine (voice of customer software) that brings feedback from all these different sources together, unifies it, and turns it into business changing customer insights. This includes advanced text analytics capabilities, sophisticated data mining, and more.
  • Targeted reports and information that distribute feedback to the people who need it—and empower every member of an organization to improve products, processes, and policies.
  • Feedback management tools that allow businesses to close the feedback loop, make meaningful changes, and make sure important insights never get lost in the shuffle.

Together, these VoC-related pieces of the MaritzCX platform make it possible to collect, analyze, and act on the collective voices of any organization’s customers, so it can unlock all of the benefits and advantages of a complete, successful voice of the customer solution.

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